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X Sight Sport Shooting Archery Glasses lenses laid out on top of each other to show some of the range of colours available. Pictured from left to right is, XTRM orange, Electric Purple, XTRM Yellow, Vivid green and Ice Blue



Prescription shooting archery glasses insert. Are you looking for prescription shooting glasses. This insert works across the whole lens range of the 2RX. Finally you can use X Sight glasses and sunglasses with your prescription.



X Sight Sport White MK2 Archery Shooting jersey tee shirt top




Frame Technology

The newly designed 2RX frame introduces magnetic clips for rapid lens changing and three adjustable positions that tilt the angle of the lens for a custom fit.

Easily change lenses and swap out your lens colours using the new magnetic clip on clamp designed for ease and speed when changing your shooting glasses lenses
X Sight Sport Shooting Archery lenses laid out side by side for a product photoshoot to show the high quality and vivid colours of our lenses. Lens colours shown here are ice Blue, Deep purple, Xtrm orange, Auburn, XTRM Yellow and vivid green


Lens benefits

Class 1 optical clarity lenses ensure crisper, clearer optics, enhanced colour contrast and minimal distortion whilst delivering bold colours that take your shooting to the next level.



The RX insert enables those seeking shooting glasses with prescription requirements to use the benefits of the X Sight lens range with your desired prescription lenses.
The X Sight Sport 2RX glasses offer many benefits to people who do archery or clay shooting. This picture shows the benefits and features of full eye glasses system including RX insert, ventilation bar, adjustable temples and frames, removable nose pads, quick lens changing magnetic mechanism.
X Sight Sport Archery Glasses HD Brown target lens worn by compound archer



Utilising the right lens colour for archery doesn’t only change the colour of target and your surroundings, it can improve your performance focus, and consistency. Discover our growing range of lens colours for archery, the conditions they can be used in, the effects they have, and how they can improve your performance.



Using the right lens colour to filter and manage light will enhance target colour contrast against the background improving your ability to pick up the target quicker and clearer.

From sporting to skeet, discover a range of lens filtrations for varying light conditions and clay colours.

A skeet presentation showing English Skeet champion Emma Parkison using X Sight Sport shooting glasses to help her identity the clay target and improve visual acuity

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3 weeks ago
Marius F Joensen
(verified owner)

A very good set of shooting glasses👍 It is very easy to change lenses, it is as easy or easier then on Pilla Outlaw x model. I do have a Pilla Outlaw X7 myself, and I don't think that is much difference between Pilla Outlaw X7 and "x sight" the biggest difference between the two sets are the price!
I can recommend a set like this, to all shooters, also the elite shooters💪

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

3 weeks ago
brian frost
(verified owner)

Used them for the first time bank holiday weekend as I was referee for the two day UK F. I. T. S. A. C. sporting championship at held Jet Hall, day one started dull and overcast so on went the yellow lense and wow what a fantastic contrast difference in the trees and over the rape seed with black and blaze clays standing out from leaving the traps until they disappeared into the vegetation later on with a lot of sunshine a quick change to HD orange and ooh my fantastic contrast between the background and the clays, day two was just a repeat. No eye strain while they were in use for nine hours plus per day, very happy with the product,, but if I could change anything it would be the arm's as they are a little thick around the ears with ear defender's on, but a change to plugs and no problems, would I recommend these glasses YES!!

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

3 weeks ago
Olly T.
(verified owner)

Really happy and a great people to deal with i find the the selection of lenses I chose have got me almost covered for every weather conditions I love how the blue lens makes me see pink targets in purple and really makes them pop in wooded areas the green lens i find is lovely for shooting skeet

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

4 weeks ago
Stephen S.
(verified owner)

Really great eyewear

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 months ago
David C.
(verified owner)

Great glasses, purchased to update to the newer model and wasn’t disappointed. These are by far the most comfortable glasses I have used for shooting (I’ve previously used the older model and Pilla) so comfortable it’s easy to forget that I have them on. So far from this set I have used both the HD Brown & Dark Crimson lenses, I found them both to be great on bright days to the point with the HD Brown I don’t need to use a blinder as often as I used to with previous glasses. I also purchased the 2RX Ultra Blue lens with this set and have found that lens to be my go to lens (I just love what it does to the target face and how it makes it so much easier to aim). I love how relaxed my eyes are with these glasses as there’s no longer any need to squint when aiming (not that I had this issue much with the older model other then on very bright days). The new nose pads do not cause any obstruction or gaps between the lens & nose (like some other model glasses can) and are very comfortable to wear.

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