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X SIght Sport Fulcrum model of shooting glasses showcasing the Vermilion lens colour option, on a dark background


Fixed Lens System: Available in our most popular standout lens colours.


Magnetic Temple System: Over 20 interchangeable lenses.

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Ed Lyons Tests & Approves

Join Ed Lyons, a renowned optometrist and visual performance specialist, as he delves into the X Sight Sport Fulcrum shooting glasses.

Side view of the X Sight Sport Fulcrum shooting glasses in XTRM Yellow lens color. These glasses feature a streamlined design with adjustable metal core temples and metal core nose pads for a customized fit and increased durability. The XTRM Yellow lens enhances contrast and target visibility, making it an excellent choice for shooting in challenging lighting conditions. Experience optimal performance, style, and comfort with the Fulcrum Shooting Glasses.


X Sight Sport Shooting Glasses 5 lens set - SP5

2RX Lens kits

Product photo featuring our high-quality 2RX shooting glasses lens in the captivating Deep Purple color. This lens exemplifies excellence, crafted to deliver top-notch optical performance and precision for shooters. With its advanced design ensuring crystal-clear vision, it's the indispensable choice for those seeking unparalleled shooting eyewear. Ideal for medium to bright light conditions in Sporting, Trap, Skeet, and Hunting disciplines, our Deep Purple lens enhances target contrast while neutralizing green and brown backgrounds, providing reliable performance in various lighting scenarios.

2RX Lenses

A product photo featuring the 2RX temple frame arms for the glasses. Thes spare parts are designed for easy replacement or for those wanting to add more temple frame arms to their kit.


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How does a scene look through the lens of the Deep Purple lens from X Sight Sport when wearing the Fulcrum shooting glasses? This scene shows how the scene looks when looking through the Deep Purple lens.
How does a scene look through the lens of the Deep Purple lens from X Sight Sport when wearing the Fulcrum shooting glasses? This scene shows how the scene looks when looking through the clear lens.

Optical Class 1

Exceptional lenses for superior results

Experience the ultimate optical clarity with our mould-injected, optical class 1 polycarbonate lenses. Our lenses feature precise colour distribution, and feature a spherical base curve producing a distortion-free field of vision. Seeing is believing when it comes to the impeccable clarity of our lenses.

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20+ Lenses

Vast Variety

Our collection spans over 20 lens filters, from 5% to 100% LTV, the most extensive lens colour collection on the market at our price point.

Quality & Value

Optical Excellence

Top-tier clarity and color depth at unmatched prices. Our lenses rival the best, engineered for sharp, clear shooting.


Perfected by pros

Developed by shooters for shooters, our lens collection is precisely tuned to cover all conditions, and scenarios, ensuring unmatched performance.

Sport Specific Eyewear

A female shooter wearing X Sight Sport 2RX shooting glasses with XTRM yellow lenses, confidently mounting a shotgun and making eye contact with the camera, exuding determination and focus.

Shooting Glasses

Elevate your shot: Harness light and contrast for enhanced target perception.

In a black and white stylized photo, a male compound archer is depicted at full draw, his focus fixed on the target as he prepares to release his arrow using a release aid. With a cap adorning his head, the archer is wearing X Sight Sport 2RX shooting glasses featuring a blue lens. This lens color is specifically chosen to enhance the contrast of the center of the archery target, aiding in precise aiming. The monochrome aesthetic of the photo adds a timeless and dramatic element, capturing the archer's determination and skill in this captivating moment.

Archery glasses

Aim for gold: Enhance your archery accuracy & concistency with the perfect lens hue.

Top Selling Shooting glasses

Top Selling Lenses

Prescription options

A mockup of a male face wearing the X Sight Sport Fulcrum shooting glasses with prescription RX Insert. The Fulcrum glasses feature a sleek design with adjustable metal core temples and metal core nose pads for a secure and personalized fit. The glasses are showcased with a XTRM Yellow lens, which enhances contrast and improves target visibility. Experience optimal performance and style with the Fulcrum Shooting Glasses.

A solution for prescription wearers

Optical RX inserts

Our RX inserts offer a convenient solution for your prescription shooting needs. Designed to fit behind the lens, they provide easy transferability between different lenses, allowing you to enjoy various colours and benefits without incurring multiple prescription costs. Benefit from personalised comfort, enhanced visual clarity, and the flexibility to adapt to different shooting conditions.

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Insider's Guide: Gear, Tips, & Advice

Behold the impressive X Sight Sport 5-lens multi lens kit showcased in all its glory. The open case reveals the meticulously crafted shooting glasses, each lens color carefully arranged and ready for action. Resting atop a sleek shotgun against a backdrop of elegant slate, the scene is adorned with scattered shotgun shells and vibrant orange clay targets. This captivating image captures the essence of versatility, innovation, and preparation that X Sight Sport brings to every shooter's journey. Whether for different lighting conditions or specific shooting disciplines, this multi lens kit ensures optimum performance and enhanced target visibility, empowering shooters to excel in their pursuits.

2RX Shooting Glasses – What 5-lens kit should you choose?

Dive into our informative guide to choose the ideal 2RX 5-lens set for your shooting needs. Each set is thoughtfully designed to deliver outstanding performance across various shooting conditions. Discover the unique characteristics of each lens colour, their intended use, and the benefits they offer. From enhanced contrast to improved visibility and effective light management, our 2RX lens sets provide comprehensive solutions for precision shooting.

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X Sight Sport 2RX shooting glasses with a purple lens color rest on top of an orange clay target, showcasing the lens's impact on contrast and color enhancement. The purple lens effectively darkens the green background, enhancing the visibility of the clay target. This image highlights how the lens color choice can optimize target visibility and improve shooting performance. The glasses' case serves as a reminder of the convenient and protective storage solution provided by X Sight Sport. Experience the difference in clarity and contrast with X Sight Sport shooting glasses.

Elevate Your Shooting Performance: Clay Shooting Glasses Lens Colour Guide

Demystify the world of shooting glasses lens colours in our comprehensive guide. With a wide array of options, choosing the right lens colour for clay shooting can be overwhelming. We delve into the factors to consider when selecting lens colors and explore their specific benefits and applications. Gain clarity on this essential aspect of shooting gear to enhance your performance on the field.

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