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Our Origin

How we started

Founded in 2017, X Sight Sport began its journey with the launch of our first multi-lens glasses kit, tailored for archery enthusiasts. By 2019, we broadened our horizon to the shooting sports arena with our innovative models & lenses. Today, we take pride in our global presence, with our products being available in over 40 countries. As industry leaders, our commitment lies in offering quality shooting eyewear at prices that make it accessible to a wider community of shooting enthusiasts.

Our Foundation

Who we are

Rooted in the heart of Devon, UK, X Sight Sport is driven by a profound passion for shooting and eyewear. Our team, though compact, is dynamic and dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and customer service. With a rich heritage in the field of shooting eyewear, we continuously set new benchmarks for excellence and style in every product ensuring they meet the needs of both competitive athletes and casual shooters.

Elevating Your Shooting Experience

Our Commitment

Our Philosophy

Decication to Excellence

At X Sight Sport, our philosophy centers on developing and manufacturing superior shooting glasses that represent exceptional value without compromising on quality or lens choice. We strive to be a trusted choice among shooting enthusiasts worldwide, offering an extensive range of lens colors tailored to diverse needs. Our collaboration with industry leading eyewear and lens manufacturers and our meticulous design process ensure that our products not only meet but exceed the expectations of both competitive and casual shooters.

Our Approach

Crafting Excellence

Our approach at X Sight Sport is characterised by a unique blend of passion, expertise, and innovation. As a small but dedicated team, we bring a specialised perspective to each product, ensuring they deliver optimal performance and comfort. Our hands-on experience in shooting sports allows us to personally test and refine our products, maintaining competitive prices while guaranteeing uncompromising quality. This approach enables us to create eyewear that truly enhances the shooting experience for enthusiasts around the globe.

Our other brands.


Our Lifestyle Eyewear Brand

Introducing XKNIGHT, our sister brand at X Sight Sport, dedicated to crafting lifestyle sunglasses for everyday use. XKNIGHT emerges from our rich heritage in eyewear, offering a range of sunglasses that epitomize comfort and durability for daily wear. These glasses are designed with the everyday user in mind, perfect for outdoor activities, leisure, or simply enjoying a day out. While distinct from our specialized shooting eyewear, XKNIGHT carries the same hallmark of quality and expertise that X Sight Sport is known for. We invite you to explore the world of XKNIGHT, where practicality meets style, and discover sunglasses that complement your daily life.


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