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Optimise the way you shoot

Filter the light to your advantage

X Sight archery glasses can help you become a better archer by filtering light through different coloured lenses to enhance the target colours, backgrounds and light conditions.

Wearing the right lens for the right conditions can increase your awareness of the target, optimise the light, improve your visual acuity and aid in consistency.

Video Explainer

Lets Talk Archery Glasses

The vast array of lenses available with the 2RX model can confuse a first-time buyer. How do you know what to choose? In this video, Sara Sherman from Anchor Point Passions in the USA goes over all the features of the 2RX and the lenses to highlight what benefits they have and what situations you should use them.

Archery glasses - Do you need clear lenses for archery to help with the wind or shield your eyes from dust and rain. This picture shows a close up view of a compound archer at full draw wearing a clear lens from X Sight Sport 2rX archery shooting glasses model. The clarity of the lens is enough to rival Pilla, Re Ranger and Zeiss

Immerse yourself

Unobstructed peripheral vision

The side-on-aiming stance used in archery causes many archers problems during aim when using regular glasses or sunglasses. Frames, bulky nose pads and gaps between lenses can all present visual obstructions during anchor and aim, making wearing most glasses impossible for many archers until now.

The X Sight 2RX archery glasses utilise a large one-piece frame-less wrap-around lens using a higher base curve than most other glasses on the market. This ensures the geometry of the lens encompasses your entire visual horizon, providing an unobstructed immersive experience.

Use without a nose pad

For a clear sight picture

A unique feature we have introduced to archers with positive feedback is the ability to use our lenses without a nose pad. By removing the nose pad, the lens sits close to your nose, giving you a completely unobstructed field of vision. All other sports glasses feature fixed nose pads on the frame or lens, which can be visible throughout your shot and, for many, blocks the target altogether.

Shoot without a nose pad to elimiante any obstructions that stop you from seeing the target properly. This feature is unique to X Sight Sport shooting glasses
X Sight Sport Archery Glasses HD Brown target lens worn by compound archer

Improve your performance and consistency

Don’t let the sun compromise your technique

Shooting in bright light without proper light management will lead to eye strain and fatigue, resulting in a lack of mental focus and a loss of hand-eye coordination. Squinting can cause subtle changes in facial muscle composition, which can affect your ability to replicate the exact shot sequence repeatedly, leading to inconsistencies. X Sight archery glasses enable a relaxed optical shooting experience resulting in increased consistency and performance in bright light.

Improve Performance

Shield yourself from the elements

The geometry of our lenses combined with the built-in ventilation bar provides full wrap-around cover and protection for your eyes, guarding you against distractions such as wind, rain and dust.

They also help by creating a barrier which reduces the rate of moisture evaporation from your eyes keeping your eyes comfortable and hydrated for the duration of your shooting.

recurve archer focusing on target using ultra blue x sight sport shooting archery glasses
Archery Glasses - A recurve archer using the XTRM yellow lens x sight sport sunglasses for shooting late night to improve brightness and extend archery performance

Train Harder

Shoot Longer

At dusk, and when the light starts to fade, shooters will reap the rewards of extended shooting with lighter lenses from the X Sight range. Shooting in the lighter lenses turns the brightness dial to the max, and ambient surroundings become brighter as the sun sets.

The Best Lens Colours For Archery Glasses

BOOST your visual perception

Significant development and testing went into producing our range of lens colours, designed to give archers the best advantage possible. We achieved the most noticeable colour-contrasting results using rich mould-injected colour pigmentation in our lenses. Combining multiple colour pigments provides an intense filtration that can dramatically affect your vision and help you focus on the gold.

youth female compound archer wearing neon pink lens x sight shooting glasses

Optical class 1 lenses

High clarity lenses

Our lenses are made from high-grade optical class 1 polycarbonate with superb optics giving you a distortion-free field of vision.

Shatterproof En166 complaint lenses

Protection on & off the line

Accidents are rare in archery, but they do happen. Compound bows have exploded, recurve limbs have de-laminated, d-loops have broken, people have punched themselves, strings have snapped, and people have had their eyes poked out whilst scoring and drawing arrows from the target. Wearing shooting glasses for archery can help save your eyesight in the event of an accident. The 2RX features thicker lenses to comply with EN166F European safety standards, and the lens is an impact-resistant polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant hard coating.

recurve archer wearing x sight sport archery glasses for protection when pulling arrows out of target

Putting you at the core

The X Sight Ethos

Our brand’s primary objective and ethos are to offer excellent value shooting glasses without compromising quality and lens choice.

We listen to what our customers want and strive to create well-designed products for shooting sports with an ever-evolving range of features and lens colours designed and influenced by you.

The X Sight 2RX shooting glasses for archery are suitable for all abilities, from occasional club shooters to competition archers. Now is the time to up your game and focus harder.

Find Your Lens


 To get an authentic experience of how the world looks through our lenses, you need to try them in person, but the next best thing is our lens simulation. 

Check out our archery lens collection page, where each lens has various simulations to give an impression of the results of each lens colour.

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