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Taking your shooting to the next level

Boost target contrast

Better aim, more accuracy

Transform into an even better archer by utilising coloured lenses to filter and enhance your target colours, backgrounds and light conditions. By choosing the lens that’s best for your specific environment, you’ll increase your overall awareness of the target, optimise the light for better visibility, and improve your visual acuity to help achieve greater consistency.

With X Sight Sport archery glasses, you’ll have the confidence to dominate every shot, whether hunting or in competition. No matter what type of archery you enjoy, X Sight glasses will help you make every shot count. 

Image captured through the Ultra Blue lens color of X Sight Sport shooting archery glasses. The photo features a compound archery target with three full-color 50m target faces during an archery competition. From behind the compound archer, the target is in focus, while the archer is blurred out. This image vividly depicts how the scene and target appear through the lens, highlighting the enhanced clarity and color enhancement provided by the lens color. The photo is part of an image comparison slider, which shows the original photo and a realistic visual representation of the view offered by lens colour.
Captivating image capturing an archery competition with a compound archer shooting at a target equipped with three full-color 50m target faces. The focus lies on the target, while the compound archer remains slightly blurred in the background. Arrows can be seen on their way to the gold ring, creating an exciting and dynamic scene. This photo offers an immersive view of a competitive archery setting, showcasing the intensity and skill required in the sport.
In a front shot, a male recurve archer is captured at full draw, focusing intently on the target before releasing the arrow. He is equipped with X Sight Sport 2RX archery glasses featuring an ice blue lens, chosen to enhance target contrast and optimize performance. The image showcases the archer's determination and precision as he prepares to execute the shot, relying on the clear vision provided by the glasses to enhance his aim. The combination of the archer's skill and the advanced lens technology of X Sight Sport glasses sets the stage for a successful and accurate shot.

Optimise light

Boost Performance in Any Circumstance

Enhancing Visual Performance in Bright Light

Proper light management is essential to shoot comfortably and successfully in bright light. Shooting without the right eye protection for long periods can strain your eyes, cause fatigue and loss of focus. It can also affect the consistency of your facial muscles when repeating shots. To avoid these problems, choosing the right lens to manage the light is crucial. Our glasses and lenses are designed to provide a relaxed optical shooting experience that can significantly improve your performance and consistency.

Enhancing Visual Performance in Low Light

When it comes to shooting in low light conditions, the X Sight range of light-enhancing lenses is the way to go! With these lenses, you can boost the brightness level to the maximum, which means that dimly lit areas and dusk settings pose no challenge to you. You can now confidently take the shot, knowing you have a bright, crystal-clear view of your surroundings. Don’t let low light environments restrict your shooting abilities when you can have the best of both worlds.

See clearer

Clear View,
no distractions

X Sight 2RX archery glasses provide archers with a clearer and more encompassing view to help with aim and anchor. Unlike traditional glasses, the X Sight 2RX model has no bulky nose pads or other obstructions to hinder vision. Our unique glasses feature a removable nose pad to provide an unobstructed view. With these cutting-edge glasses, archers can confidently take their shots without distractions.

In a close-up shot, a male compound archer is captured at full draw, focusing on the target through his X Sight Sport glasses with clear lenses. The image highlights the exceptional coverage and peripheral vision provided by the glasses during the shot. With unwavering concentration, the archer aligns his aim, utilizing the clear lenses to optimize his vision and maintain awareness of his surroundings. This photo showcases the reliability and functionality of X Sight Sport glasses in supporting archers' performance and safety on the field.


EN166 Conpliant

Our glasses & lenses meet the European Safety Standard EN166 for shooting and protective eyewear, having passed rigorous impact resistance tests. They are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant hard coating and durable, flexible TR90 frames.


Shield yourself from the elements

Our lenses offer full wrap-around protection to shield your eyes from wind, rain, and dust, reducing distractions. The design also helps keep your eyes comfortable and hydrated during prolonged shooting sessions.

100% UV

Built into every lens

Many of us don’t give much thought to safeguarding our eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. However, it’s crucial to do so. Each of our lenses offers outstanding protection by blocking 99.5-100% of UVA/UVB light.

2RX model of X Sight Sport shooting glasses logo

Magnetic Lens System: Over 20 Interchangeable lenses

Lens collection

Lens Colours for Archery

Enhance archery precision with our vivid, colour-contrasting lenses made of optical class 1 polycarbonate. Our premium lenses offer undistorted visuals and intense filtration, allowing you to focus on the gold. Discover a range of colours for peak archery performance today!

Find Your Lens

Experience the world through our lenses with our lens simulation! Check out our archery lenses page and find the perfect lens for your vision needs.

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2RX Multi Lens Kits

Select from our pre-made multi-lens kits or create a custom set by choosing your preferred lens colours.

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Archery lenses

Video Explainer

Lets Talk Archery Glasses

The vast array of lenses available with the 2RX model can confuse a first-time buyer. How do you know what to choose? In this video, Sara Sherman from Anchor Point Passions in the USA goes over all the features of the 2RX and the lenses to highlight what benefits they have and what situations you should use them in.