Vermilion lens

Features & benefits

A combination of pink, orange and red pigments combine to create a lens with moderate light transmission for shooting in low to overcast conditions.

Blue hues are dampened resulting in more contrasting red rings. Target centre gold is toned down slightly which makes this lens a less obvious choice for archery. However, decreasing awareness of the gold can help combat over aiming for some recurve archers by helping to shift the focus on the target centre as a whole, not just on the tiny gold. On long distance rounds this can be a useful tool to help combat over aiming, speed up the shot, relax more during aim and improve shot execution. Trying too hard to aim and hold a bow dead still is a common cause of bad shot execution.

X Sight Sport Performance Eyewear Shooting Glasses for Archery & Clay, Trap and Skeet shooting with a Vermillion Lens filter Colour. Tiro con l’argilla. Tiro con l’arco. Bicchieri. Occhiali da sole. Стрельба по глине. Стрельба из лука. Очки. Солнцезащитные Очки. Arcilla disparando. Tiro al arco. Lentes. Gafas de sol. Klei schieten. Boogschieten. Bril. Zonnebril. Tir à l’argile. Tir à l’arc. Des lunettes. Des lunettes de soleil. Tonschießen. Bogenschießen. Brille. Sonnenbrille. 黏土射擊。射箭。眼鏡。墨鏡。
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Suitable light conditions

Scale to show suitable lighting conditions & weather to use whilst shooting or doing archery using X Sight Sport glasses Vermilion lens

Suitable for shooting in medium to low light conditions away from the sun.

Visible Light Transmission



The amount of light that shows through the lens.
Lower percentage = darker lens.

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