HD Brown lens

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Created for cloudless blazing light conditions. The lowest LTV rating of all our lenses means only 5% of sunlight will reach your eyes, resulting in a completely relaxed gaze and increased depth perception in strong light. The perfect sunglasses for archery. Ambient glare is eradicated allowing you to see more vividly. Light is managed so well, the clarity gained in bright light lets you see detail in your horizon that you would not see with the naked eye. Red hues help to neutralise backgrounds and heighten contrast against green landscapes and blue skies.

X Sight Sport Performance Eyewear Shooting sunglasses for Archery & Clay, Trap and Skeet shooting with HD Lens filter Colour for extreme brightness and flat light for sensitive eyes. Tiro con l’argilla. Tiro con l’arco. Bicchieri. Occhiali da sole. Стрельба по глине. Стрельба из лука. Очки. Солнцезащитные Очки. Arcilla disparando. Tiro al arco. Lentes. Gafas de sol. Klei schieten. Boogschieten. Bril. Zonnebril. Tir à l’argile. Tir à l’arc. Des lunettes. Des lunettes de soleil. Tonschießen. Bogenschießen. Brille. Sonnenbrille. 黏土射擊。射箭。眼鏡。墨鏡。
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Suitable light conditions

Scale to show suitable lighting conditions & weather to use whilst shooting or doing archery using X Sight Sport glasses HD Brown lens

Created for bright sunny days with cloudless blazing light conditions.

Visible Light Transmission



The amount of light that shows through the lens.
Lower percentage = darker lens.

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