Elevate Your Shooting Performance: Clay Shooting Glasses Lens Colour Guide

Demystify the world of shooting glasses lens colours in our comprehensive guide. With a wide array of options, choosing the right lens colour for clay shooting can be overwhelming. We delve into the factors to consider when selecting lens colors and explore their specific benefits and applications. Gain clarity on this essential aspect of shooting gear to enhance your performance on the field.
X Sight Sport 2RX shooting glasses with a purple lens color rest on top of an orange clay target, showcasing the lens's impact on contrast and color enhancement. The purple lens effectively darkens the green background, enhancing the visibility of the clay target. This image highlights how the lens color choice can optimize target visibility and improve shooting performance. The glasses' case serves as a reminder of the convenient and protective storage solution provided by X Sight Sport. Experience the difference in clarity and contrast with X Sight Sport shooting glasses.

Take your shooting performance to new heights with our ultimate clay shooting glasses lens colour guide. From understanding the different lens colours and their specific advantages to finding your perfect match, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to make an educated choice and maximize your shooting potential.

The two categories of lenses

Lens colours can be broadly categorised into two main groups:

  1. Light management lenses:
    These lenses help manage weather and light conditions to enhance visibility.
  2. Contrast enhancement lenses:
    These lenses modify backgrounds and target colours to improve target visibility.

Many lens colours serve both purposes simultaneously by utilising colours and tints that manage light and enhance contrast.

When selecting a lens colour for your target presentation, the first consideration should be light management. Choose a lens that will optimise your vision based on the prevailing light conditions.

For instance, if you’re shooting with the sun directly behind the target, lacking a sufficiently dark lens colour might make the target very difficult to see, reducing your chances of hitting it.

Similarly, if you’re shooting in wooded areas and your lens is too dark, you’ll limit the amount of light and visual information needed to spot the target.

How do you determine the lightness or darkness of a lens?

The Light Transmission Value (LTV) provides insight into the transparency level of a lens, indicating how much light passes through it. The LTV is measured on a scale of 1-100%, with higher numbers indicating lighter lenses and lower numbers indicating darker lenses.

To simplify the process, lenses are categorised from 0 to 4, each representing a specific range of LTV values:

  • Category 0: 80-100% LTV
  • Category 1: 46-79% LTV
  • Category 2: 18-45% LTV
  • Category 3: 8-17% LTV
  • Category 4: 3-8% LTV

At X Sight Sport, we offer a range of 20+ lens colours with LTV values ranging from 5% to 100%.

Enhancing contrast to improve visibility

Choosing a lens colour to enhance contrast is the next step in selecting the right lens. Typically, lenses are chosen to alter the colour of the background, surroundings, or clay target to improve visibility. By changing the background colour, the target stands out more distinctly, making it easier to spot and track.

In the popular discipline of English Sporting clay shooting in the UK, backgrounds can vary from green tree lines and grass to brown banks, open fields, and the sky. The most common clay colours used are black and orange. Some lens colours, like purple, can suppress or mute green background colours, resulting in an amplifying effect on orange targets, making them more prominent.

Choosing the right lens colour and quantity

Having a lens for full sun, one for low-light conditions, and an intermediate option for overcast or cloudy days is generally sufficient. However, you can certainly opt for more lens colours based on personal preference. As a general rule, it’s recommended to select the lightest lens colour that still provides adequate visibility for the prevailing light conditions, ensuring your eyes remain wide open.

Most affordable multi-lens sets come with 3-5 lens colours, covering a range of conditions. These sets typically offer standard colour options that provide a moderate contrast enhancement effect. On the other hand, premium brands offer a wider selection of colours, tints, coatings, and exceptional performance, providing more choices for year-round usage.

Some shooters prefer to use a single colour but with three different tints to cater to varying light conditions. Others may opt for six different lens colours. Since everyone’s eyes are unique, individual preferences for lens colour may vary. By trying different lens colours yourself, you can determine what works best for you.

Shooting glasses lens colours – Understanding their Purposes

One of the most common questions we receive at shows and events is about the specific purposes of different lens colours. While personal perception of colours can vary, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of what each colour category of shooting glasses lens is typically used for. We all see differently, so trying out lenses yourself is the best way to determine which works best for you. Here’s a brief description of each lens colour category

Purple Lenses

Purple lenses offer a serene and soothing visual experience, making them an excellent choice for extended wear. They act as background neutralisers by selectively filtering out green light from the colour spectrum. This selective filtration helps suppress green and brown backgrounds, such as treelines and grass banks, which are commonly encountered during shooting activities.

By subduing the surrounding green hues, purple lenses create a contrasting effect that makes orange clays and targets stand out more prominently against the scenery. This enhanced contrast improves target visibility and enables shooters to track their targets with greater ease and precision.

Product photo featuring our high-quality 2RX shooting glasses lens in the captivating Deep Purple color. This lens exemplifies excellence, crafted to deliver top-notch optical performance and precision for shooters. With its advanced design ensuring crystal-clear vision, it's the indispensable choice for those seeking unparalleled shooting eyewear. Ideal for medium to bright light conditions in Sporting, Trap, Skeet, and Hunting disciplines, our Deep Purple lens enhances target contrast while neutralizing green and brown backgrounds, providing reliable performance in various lighting scenarios.
ModelLens Colours Available
2RX SeriesDeep Purple, Electric Purple, Light Purple, Rose Diamond
Fulcrum SeriesDeep Purple, Rose Diamond

Pink/Vermilion/Red/Rose Lenses

Lenses in shades of pink, vermilion, red, and rose offer more than just green light filtration. They also filter out blue light, which can contribute to eye strain during prolonged shooting sessions. These lenses provide a moderate contrast boost, especially between orange clays and the sky or green and brown backgrounds. As a result, they have gained popularity among Trap shooters.

Suitable for a wide range of light conditions, these tints excel in mid to overcast lighting situations and when shooting away from direct sunlight. The contrast enhancement they provide helps targets stand out more prominently, enabling shooters to track them with greater clarity and precision.

Red/green colour deficiencies

Beyond their contrast-enhancing properties, vermilion and red lenses are known to assist individuals with red/green colour deficiencies in distinguishing targets more effectively. By optimising colour perception, these lenses can significantly improve target visibility for those with specific colour vision impairments.

Introducing our Vermilion lens with a Light Transmission Value (LTV) of 31%. Designed for medium light conditions, particularly overcast and cloudy days, this lens excels in Sporting, Trap, and Skeet disciplines, offering a medium contrast boost. With its delightful Pink/Red/Rose color notes, it proves to be a versatile lens for all types of shooting in various lighting and clay colors. The Vermilion lens is particularly popular for Trap shooting, providing a moderate contrast boost between orange clays and blue/green/brown backdrops. Moreover, this lens proves to be useful for color-blind shooters with red/green deficiency, enhancing their visual experience and target detection. Embrace the versatility and performance of our Vermilion lens for an exceptional shooting experience in different lighting and clay scenarios.
ModelLens Colours Available
2RX SeriesVermilion, Neon Pink, Light Pink, Rose Diamond & Dark Crimson
Fulcrum SeriesVermilion, Rose Diamond

Brown Lenses

Shooting in fields or open areas with bright sunlight or direct exposure to sunlight requires lenses that can effectively manage the intense light. Brown lenses have become a popular choice for such conditions. Unlike traditional brown sunglasses, our shooting lens colours in the brown category feature a tint of red or orange, which offer specific advantages for shooters in terms of target colour contrast.

The primary purpose of brown lenses is to optimise light conditions rather than solely enhance contrast. By selecting a brown tint that incorporates shades of red, pink, or orange, the lens can indeed enhance contrast and offer some background suppression. This combination of optimising light and enhancing contrast makes these lenses well-suited for shooting in bright sunlight or direct sunlight scenarios.

One standout offering in our lineup is our HD Brown lens, which as of now is the darkest brown lens available on the shooting glasses market, with an LTV of only 5% (Category 4). This lens significantly enhances depth perception and contrast in super bright, sunny conditions. Shooting high targets or birds against direct sunlight becomes much more manageable, thanks to the increased clarity and visual acuity provided by this lens.

Introducing our HD Brown lens with a Light Transmission Value (LTV) of 5%. Designed for extreme bright sun, cloudless skies, and shooting into direct sun, this lens excels in Sporting and Hunting disciplines, providing effective light management with a medium-high contrast boost. With its distinguished Brown/Pink/Maroon/Dark color notes, the HD Brown lens ensures optimal visual clarity and target acquisition in bright light conditions. The HD effect of the Brown lens enhances depth, contrast, and detail perception, reducing glare and eliminating eye strain in bright environments. Keep your eyes fully open in direct sunlight and easily spot the target, making it an essential choice for shooting under challenging lighting conditions. Additionally, the HD Brown lens enhances the vibrancy of orange clays by reducing green and blue tones, ensuring clear target visibility and precise aiming. Embrace the exceptional performance and light management capabilities of our HD Brown lens for a comfortable and precise shooting experience in extreme bright sun conditions.
ModelLens Colours Available
2RX SeriesHD Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Dark Crimson, Blue Blaze
Fulcrum SeriesHD Brown

Orange Lenses

Orange lenses are renowned for their high-definition colour and are among the most popular lens choices for shooting activities. When individuals try an orange lens for the first time, they are often amazed by the sharpness and clarity it provides. The dark tint of orange creates an almost monochromatic view that easily distinguishes orange and black clays against various backgrounds.

One of the key advantages of orange lenses is their ability to block blue light, which can significantly enhance target visibility in hazy, foggy, or cloudy conditions. By filtering out blue light, these lenses optimise contrast and improve target recognition, allowing shooters to track their targets with greater ease.

Moreover, orange-coloured lens tints excel in providing depth perception and definition. This characteristic proves beneficial for distinguishing black targets against green backgrounds, enhancing overall target visibility and facilitating precise target acquisition.

Introducing our XTRM Orange lens with a Light Transmission Value (LTV) of 33%. Crafted for medium light conditions, particularly overcast and cloudy days, this lens excels in Sporting and Trap disciplines, offering a medium-high contrast boost. Its striking Orange/Red/Blaze/Neon color notes create an almost monochromatic picture, enhancing the differentiation of orange clays from different backgrounds. The XTRM Orange lens delivers exceptional contrast, making black targets appear darker and more defined against treeline & shrubbery. Moreover, the filtering of blue light reduces eye fatigue, ensuring a comfortable shooting experience. This filter produces a powerful visual impact, which may require some adjustment time. However, once adjusted, it consistently maintains high contrast throughout your shooting session. Embrace the vibrant and impactful XTRM Orange lens for heightened contrast and precision during your shooting adventures.
ModelLens Colours Available
2RX SeriesXTRM Orange, Light Orange & Amber

Yellow Lenses

Yellow lenses excel at increasing brightness in your ambient surroundings, enhancing definition, and boosting target colour contrast. When wearing yellow lenses, your surroundings appear brighter, allowing for improved visibility and heightened clarity. The vibrant nature of yellow lenses enhances the colour saturation of orange clays, making them more vivid and easily distinguishable. Additionally, black targets stand out more distinctly against green backdrops and grey skies, thanks to the heightened contrast and definition provided by yellow lenses.

These lenses are particularly useful in poor light conditions, low visibility scenarios, and during dark and cloudy weather. Whether you’re engaged in clay shooting or game shooting, yellow lenses can enhance your overall shooting experience.

Introducing our XTRM Yellow lens, designed for specific lighting conditions including evening/early morning, poor light, dull & overcast, and rain. Ideal for Sporting, Trap, Skeet, and Hunting disciplines, this lens offers light optimization with a high contrast boost. With its striking Yellow/Chartreuse/Lemon color notes, it efficiently boosts contrast and enhances lighting on cloudy days. Experience a heightened visual experience with improved depth perception, crisp clarity, and vivid ambience. The high light transmission enhances visual acuity by increasing the amount of light that reaches the retina, ensuring a clearer and more detailed view. Orange clays appear more vibrant against a green backdrop, enhancing target visibility, while black targets are more defined and easier to see against a crisp sky, aiding precision and accuracy during shooting. Embrace the exceptional performance of our XTRM Yellow lens for optimized light conditions and an immersive shooting experience.
ModelLens Colours Available
2RX SeriesXTRM Yellow, Amber, Light Yellow
Fulcrum SeriesXTRM Yellow

Blue Lenses

While less commonly seen in the clay shooting circuit, blue lenses offer unique advantages that can improve visibility in specific shooting scenarios, primarily involving targets in the sky. Instead of making orange clays stand out, blue lenses filter out red light from the colour spectrum, resulting in a darker appearance of orange targets. This characteristic can be advantageous in particular shooting situations.

Initially introduced for archery, blue lenses were designed to highlight the yellow centre on a target by suppressing the contrast of the surrounding red ring. In the context of clay shooting, blue lenses can enhance target visibility in the sky, especially when the sun is shining directly on the clay, creating a washed-out effect that can hinder target perception.

Blue lenses can also contribute to better visibility of black clays against the sky, making them a suitable option for shooters engaged in disciplines where black targets are prevalent. By enhancing the perception of blackness, blue lenses aid in target distinction and improve target acquisition.

Introducing our Ice Blue lens with a Light Transmission Value (LTV) of 56%. Crafted for medium light conditions, this lens excels in Sporting disciplines, offering contrast decrease with a medium-high boost. With its captivating Blue/Turquoise/Cyan color notes, the Ice Blue lens is a specialty "Blue Hue" lens, originally designed to highlight the center of an archery target. The Ice Blue lens suppresses target orange to a dark grey by filtering red light, making it ideal for shooting "white out" targets against cloud cover that reflect the sun and become hard to see. It reduces the flash effect and helps produce clear definition of the target against the sky, enhancing target visibility in challenging lighting conditions. Moreover, this lens proves effective on black targets, providing deep, rich black enhancement and offering clearer definition and detail. Embrace the unique capabilities of our Ice Blue lens for improved target visibility, contrast control, and exceptional performance during your Sporting adventures.
ModelLens Colours Available
2RX SeriesIce Blue, Ultra Blue

Clear Lenses

Clear lenses are an essential choice for shooters who prioritise eye protection and shielding from the elements without the need for colour enhancement. While other lens colours focus on enhancing visibility and contrast, clear lenses offer a neutral, colourless option for those who value pure optical clarity.

The primary purpose of clear lenses is to provide reliable eye protection during shooting activities. They act as a barrier against debris, dust, wind, and other potential hazards that shooters may encounter on the field. By wearing clear lenses, you can safeguard your eyes from any potential impact or environmental factors that could compromise your vision.

Moreover, clear lenses are ideal for shooting situations where colour enhancement is unnecessary or unwanted. Some shooters may prefer a natural view of their surroundings without any tint or alteration in colour perception. Clear lenses allow for unfiltered visual acuity, ensuring that you can observe your targets and surroundings without any colour distortion.

X Sight Sport lenses in this category include Clear

Introducing our Clear lens with a Light Transmission Value (LTV) of 100%. Designed for low light conditions, this lens excels in all shooting disciplines, providing essential eye protection without color enhancement. With its transparent and colorless appearance, the Clear lens is ideal for low light and overcast shooting conditions. The Clear lens ensures full UV protection, shielding the eyes from the wind and dust during outdoor shooting sessions. It is the perfect choice when you need reliable eye protection without altering the natural colors of your surroundings. Embrace the clarity and protection provided by our Clear lens, making it an essential accessory for various shooting disciplines, particularly in low light settings. Enjoy the peace of mind and comfort as you focus on your shooting performance while your eyes remain protected in challenging lighting conditions.
ModelLens Colours Available
2RX SeriesClear
Fulcrum SeriesClear

Grey Lenses

Grey lenses are a popular choice for shooters seeking natural visual comfort in bright light conditions. Similar to traditional sunglasses, grey lenses are designed to help you see better and keep your eyes relaxed when faced with intense sunlight. They reduce the overall brightness of all colours equally without significantly impacting the colour contrast of the background and targets making them ideal for shooters who simply want to manage bright light without altering contrast.

While grey lenses may not be considered a specialist clay shooting lens colour, they offer effective light management and can be beneficial for shooters in bright outdoor environments. By reducing brightness and providing a neutral colour perception, grey lenses allow for a more comfortable shooting experience without compromising the visibility of your targets.

Introducing our Fire Ruby lens with a Light Transmission Value (LTV) of 15%. Designed for outdoor use in bright light conditions, this lens excels in Sporting disciplines, providing effective light management with a low contrast boost. With its distinctive Dark Green/Grey base color and Red Diamond REVO coating, the Fire Ruby lens offers a great sunglass option with minimal color enhancement. The Fire Ruby lens helps relax and ease the eyes, reducing glare and fatigue, ensuring a comfortable shooting experience. Despite the overall decrease in brightness, colors maintain their natural appearance, preserving the true visual experience. Additionally, the Fire Ruby lens features an anti-reflective multi-layer mirror coating, which reflects light for a better optical experience in bright light conditions. Embrace the comfort and visual clarity provided by our Fire Ruby lens during your outdoor shooting adventures, offering reliable light management and reduced eye strain.
ModelLens Colours Available
2RX SeriesFire Ruby

Mirror/Revo/AR Coated Lenses

Mirror-coated and anti-reflective (AR) coated lenses serve as innovative solutions for reducing glare and overall brightness, catering well to individuals with light sensitivity. These lenses combine a base tint with a reflective coating, designed to deflect light away from the eyes, enhancing comfort and protection in bright conditions. In the sport and lifestyle eyewear sector, mirror coatings typically accompany standard grey, brown, or green base lenses. These base colors do not alter color perception, ensuring the lenses meet certifications for sunglasses and driving. However, in the realm of shooting glasses, a broader spectrum of base colors is utilised to accentuate contrast between clays and backgrounds, aiding in target visibility.

While the reflective color coatings add a stylish flair, their impact on color perception is minimal. The aesthetic appeal of these coatings is undeniable, but their functional contribution to vision through the lens is minimal. The priority to modifying how the environment appears through the lens lies in the choice of the base lens colour. It’s the base colour that primarily dictates visual enhancements.

Introducing our Rose Diamond lens, with a Light Transmission Value (LTV) of 18%. Crafted for medium to bright light conditions in Sporting, Trap, and Skeet disciplines, this lens offers a medium contrast boost. Its base color in Pink/Purple/Lilac is complemented by the Green Diamond REVO coating, enhancing contrast while minimizing glare and eye fatigue. Ideal for all-around color enhancement, this lens excels in enhancing the vibrancy of orange clays, neutralizing green and brown backdrops, and shifting blue skies to purple for improved target visibility. A versatile choice for shooting in varying light conditions, the Rose Diamond lens delivers exceptional performance and enhanced shooting experiences.
ModelLens Colours Available
2RX SeriesRose Diamond, Fire Ruby, Blue Blaze
Fulcrum SeriesRose Diamond

Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses are specially designed to reduce glare and reflections from surfaces such as water, roads, and glass. They work by filtering light through a chemical film applied to the lens that blocks certain light waves that cause glare. Primarily, these lenses were invented for water sports and fishing enthusiasts, where the ability to see beneath the surface of the water or to reduce glare from the water’s surface is crucial. The technology behind polarised lenses is engineered to enhance visual clarity and comfort in scenarios where reflective glare can impair vision.

In the context of clay shooting, the environment presents a different set of visual requirements. Clay targets are typically launched against the backdrop of the sky or green banks, where reflective glare is not a significant concern. Unlike water sports or fishing, clay shooting does not involve competing against reflective surfaces or the necessity to see beneath a surface. Therefore, polarised lenses, while beneficial in their designed contexts, do not offer any particular advantage in the realm of clay shooting. This is why in our product range, and among many reputable shooting glasses brands, polarised lenses are not commonly featured. The absence of polarised options reflects the specific visual demands of clay shooting, where the focus is on contrast enhancement and target visibility without the need to counteract glare from reflective surfaces.

Conclusion – Finding Your Perfect Shooting Glasses Lens Colours

Choosing the ideal shooting glasses lens colour is a personal decision that varies for each shooter. It’s essential to consider your individual preferences, shooting conditions, and specific challenges you may encounter. By observing the lighting and landscape conditions at your shooting range, you can match these characteristics to the lens colours that would best suit your needs.

Take note of any difficulties you face in seeing specific clay colours against certain backgrounds. This observation can guide you in selecting lens colours that enhance target visibility and contrast in those specific scenarios. Additionally, pay attention to the lens colours that other shooters are wearing and don’t hesitate to ask if you can try them out.

We are pleased to announce that X Sight Sport now has several retailers stocking our display case. If you are located near any of these retailers, you have the opportunity to try the lenses in person. We encourage you to visit our stockist’s page to locate a retailer near you and experience the difference our shooting glasses lenses can make firsthand.

Remember, finding the perfect lens colours for your shooting needs may involve some trial and error. By experimenting with different lens colours and observing their effects on your shooting performance, you can determine which lens colours provide the optimal visual acuity and target distinction for you.

At X Sight Sport, we are dedicated to providing high-quality shooting glasses lenses designed to enhance your shooting experience. We offer a range of lens colours tailored to different shooting conditions, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your individual preferences.

Choose your lens colours wisely, experiment with different options, and discover the lens colours that unlock your shooting potential. Elevate your shooting performance with the right shooting glasses lens colours from X Sight Sport.

Explore lens effects with our simulation experience

Explore our ‘Clay Shooting Lens Collection’ page to discover the transformative power of our lenses. Utilise our interactive lens simulators, featuring before-and-after sliders, to vividly experience the impact each lens color has on your surroundings. This hands-on tool offers a unique insight into how our specialised lenses can enhance your shooting environment, providing a comparison of scenes with and without our lens technology. Dive in and see the difference for yourself!

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