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Our vast range of clay shooting glasses lenses covers the whole spectrum. Scroll down to explore the range and see a visual demonstration of how each lens filtration works using the lens simulator.

Amber lens colour for clay shooting glasses and archery glasses


Light condition scale demonstrating what type of weather and light is suitable for a lens, in this case for Amber
Light Transmission Value (LTV)

Conditions: Medium to low light, dull & overcast
Disciplines: Sporting, Trap, Skeet, Game
Primary use: Light optimisation
Contrast level: Medium boost
Colour notes: Orange/Yellow/Amber

  • Ambient brightness is dialled up.
  • Provides enhanced depth perception and improved sharpness and clarity.
  • Black targets or birds against treeline or shaded areas appear more defined & easier to pick up.
  • Blue light is blocked, resulting in bright orange clay vibrancy and vivid definition.

Part of set: SP3