Duncan Busby gets an eyeful of our latest shooting glasses

We were privileged to have our new 2RX model road tested for a review in Bow International by Commonwealth Games double gold medallist and one of Britain’s top compound archers Duncan Busby. Here's what he had to say...
Duncan Busby shooting a compound bow whilst wearing X SIght Sport shooting glasses with an Dark Crimson lens colour.

We were privileged to have our new 2RX model road tested for a review in Bow International by Commonwealth Games double gold medallist and one of Britain’s top compound archers Duncan Busby. Here’s what he had to say…

“I was luckily enough to test out the new 2RX shooting glasses in a range of colours, including the Target Contrast Set and I was very impressed with their quality and presentation.

Your eyes are the most critical instrument you have as an archer; how well you shoot is determined by how clearly you see the target. Few archers have perfect vision and luckily it’s not needed to shoot well; as long as your aim is consistent and unobstructed you can knock out the X every time. So how do you ensure your aim is consistent? Bright sun can cause you to squint just as much as gloaming darkness; you can’t control your shooting conditions but you can increase the performance of your eyes…

The shooting glasses are extremely light weight and though they are available in only one size they fit very comfortably. The glasses are designed to be used without nose pads to allow the lenses to sit more closely; this creates a completely unobstructed field of vision but I liked the option to add the nose pads should you want to use them. I also found the frame tilt option handy; being able to adjust the angle of the lens meant I could position the glasses comfortably for my field of view.

Shooting in difficult light conditions without suitable filters can lead to eye fatigue; this can be the difference between a gold medal and no medal at all. X Sight’s unique coloured archery lenses enhance target colours, backgrounds and light conditions to help you become a better archer; so how does changing your lens change your game?

The lenses are easy to change thanks to the secure magnetic clamp attachment system; simply place your thumb over the X Sight logo and your finger on the reverse of the clamp. Then bend the arm in towards the lens to release the magnetic fixing and open the clamp. The clamp will simply slide out of the socket and you can attach the arm onto a different lens.

I’ve enjoyed using the X Sight glasses in a range of light conditions, the HD Brown was particularly helpful when the sun was directly behind the target; a situation which has cost me points in the past. The XTRM Yellow, Amber and Light Yellow lenses have brightened my poorly lit indoor range without distorting the target colours; I’ll especially appreciate these lenses during the indoor season.

The Ultra Blue, Vivid Green and Ice Blue nicely enhanced the colours on a World Archery 50m face; I use a large black dot to aim which covers around 70% of the gold. These lenses improved the consistency of my aim by dimming the red zone and making the small visible gold ring pop.

I’m excited to try the X Sight coloured glasses on a field course this year, I imagine the yellow and orange lenses will really make a difference around shaded woodland.”

How do they improve your mental focus & hand-eye coordination?

Shooting in bright sun can lead to eye strain and fatigue; this is not only potentially damaging to your eyesight but in the short term it can result in loss of mental focus and hand-eye coordination. A lot of archers including me have to remove their sunglasses to shoot because the frames obstruct their aim; this sudden change in light conditions can shock your eyes and alter your focus. Squinting can also lead to a subtle reposition of your facial muscles, even the smallest change to your form can affect your ability to replicate the same shot sequence again and again; X Sight’s unique design protects your eyes from damage and allows them to remain relaxed and focused. Every lens in the range offers UV400 protection; effectively blocking 99.5 – 100% of all UVA/ UVB ultraviolet radiation, this even includes their clear lens.

What makes X SIght glasses unique? The ability to shoot without any visual obstructions for a clear unobstructed sight picture

Most archers find it extremely difficult to shoot with traditionally designed glasses; frames, bulky nose pads and gaps between the lenses can create an array of visual obstructions when you’re standing side-on to a target. X Sight utilises a large one-piece frameless wraparound lens to ensure that your field of vision is completely unobstructed. This rimless lens has a deep curve profile that wraps around your face for maximum cover from all angles, with no obstructions. 

X Sight’s frame tilt technology allows archers to vertically adjust the position of the frame and tilt the angle of the lens towards or away from their face; this unique feature allows you to tailor the fit of the glasses to your particular field of vision.

Ventilation Bar

New ventilation bar offers enhanced airflow reducing fogging

X Sight glasses are designed with enhanced airflow technology to reduce the chance of lens fogging; a soft rubber brow bar is fixed through each lens to enable air to circulate and heat to escape. This ventilation bar is also designed to position the inside of the lens away from your forehead to reduce the chances of smudging. The geometry of the lenses combined with the built-in ventilation bar not only provides an expansive field of vision but protection from wind, rain, dust and pollen. They also help to create a barrier which stops moisture from escaping from your eyes, allowing them to remain comfortable and hydrated while you shoot.

You can’t put a price on your eye sight. Make sure you are protecting your eyes on and off the shooting line

Wearing shooting glasses can help to save your eyesight in the event of an accident; whether it’s walking into arrows sticking out of the target, shooting a damaged arrow or a snapped bow string; there are many risks to your eyes both on and off the shooting line.

The X Sight glasses feature 2mm thick shatterproof lenses made from high impact resistant polycarbonate which have a scratch resistant hard coating; they will not bend or crack under pressure, so you can be assured your eyes are protected.

Filter light to improve your visual awareness of the target can give you a distinct advantage

How a target face appears when viewed through the XTRM Yellow & Ultra Blue lenses

X Sight’s range of 15 coloured lenses, designed specifically for archery, give you a distinct advantage on the shooting field. Seeing through a rainbow of colours can increase your awareness of the target, optimise light conditions and improve your visual clarity. X Sight lenses are graded on a VLT (visual light transmission) scale; its percentage reflects the amount of light that shows through the lens. The higher the VLT percentage, the more light it allows through; the clear lens has a VLT of 100%. Wearing the right lens for the conditions can make all the difference to your aim; the Xtrm Yellow lens allows only 72% of light through but X Sight’s filtration technology enhances this light creating a brighter, more vivid sight picture than is naturally visible with the naked eye.

X Sight’s lenses are manufactured using class 1 optical polycarbonate for clearer and crisper clarity. And rather than traditional tinting methods their lenses are coloured using precision mould injection technology; this guarantees enhanced colour contrast with minimal distortion.

The intense filtration the coloured lenses provide can have a dramatic effect on your vision, by enhancing specific colours they can help you centre on the target. From HD Brown that blocks so much light that it enables you to see detail on the horizon not normally seen with the naked eye, to Xtrm Yellow that turns the dullest light into a bright and sunny day; X Sight coloured lenses can give you the competitive edge in any light condition.

I’m extremely impressed by the X Sight 2RX shooting glasses; despite their light weight construction they felt tough and I’m confident they’ll survive the usual heavy wear and tear archery kit receives throughout the season. They cost around three times less than similar performance eyewear; the huge range of lens options available, along with the complete accessories kit that comes with every set, make the X Sight glasses incredible value for money.”

Duncan Busby

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