X Sight 2RX shooting glasses for archery with quick lens change mechanism

Slide on and lock in place

Rapid Lens Changing

Switch lenses to suit the ambient conditions with ease using our new magnetic interchangeable frame technology. Each arm comprises of a magnetic clamp that opens and closes to attach to the temple mounting on the lens. This allows for a quick lens change with minimal fuss.

3 Adjustable positions For A Custom Fit

Frame Tilt

The frame can be adjusted vertically with three adjustable positions that tilt the angle of the lens toward or away from the face allowing you to increase stability and find a comfortable position that is right for you.

Adjust the arms up and down in 3 positions to allow for a customised fit to your face and shooting style. The angle of the lens can be lifted or lowered to enable you to find a perfect fit for your own face.
Ventilation Bar

Enhanced Airflow

Built in ventilation

The soft rubber ventilation brow bar is fixed through the lens enabling air to circulate and heat to escape which reduces the chance of fogging. The ventilation bar also positions the inside of the lens away from the forehead and helps to reduce smudging.

added comfort and stability

Detachable Nosepads

Additional stability and comfort can be achieved using our discreet, unobtrusive slimline nose pads which provide minimal obstruction and can be easily fixed onto the lens and removed. Nose pads are included as standard in every set.

X Sight Sport offer superior lens technology based sunglasses deliver dependable functionality and reliability in a sleek package. A wrapped shield lens, 2.0mm thick and certified to multiple impact resistance standards, make the X SIght Sport shooting glasses an excellent choice for shooting sports such as clay shooting and archery
Detachable nose pads can be used optionally on the lens. Simply push on and pull off.
The X Sight Sport 2RX glasses offer many benefits to people who do archery or clay shooting. This picture shows the benefits and features of full eye glasses system including RX insert, ventilation bar, adjustable temples and frames, removable nose pads, quick lens changing magnetic mechanism.

A solution for prescription wearers

Optical RX insert

The additional RX insert has been designed for prescription wearers who already wear corrective eyewear for their chosen sport. The RX insert slots into channels in the ventilation bar which attach the RX insert to the frame securely. The RX insert is transferable between lens colours.

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