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Class 1 Optical Clarity

X Sight lenses are manufactured using  Class 1 optical clarity polycarbonate, which utilises precision mould injection technology to colour the lens instead of traditional tinting methods, ensuring crisper, more precise optics, enhanced colour contrast and minimal distortion.

What our customers think?

Lens Material and quality

As shooting is an optically driven sport, good clarity lenses are highly desirable for shooters. Cheap sunglasses are often made with lower-quality plastic lenses, and these do not offer you the excellent optical quality that you can get at the other end of the spectrum. This is why there is a massive difference in cost between the top and the bottom end of the shooting glasses market. But do you need to spend a fortune to get good quality optics from your shooting glasses?

Our ethos is to deliver excellent quality lenses at an affordable price

The feedback we have received from customer reviews, and surveyed shooters reveal that our lenses rival the quality of other brands.  

Claims of superior optical quality lenses from other manufacturers may be proven by science, but the difference in optical quality can often be insignificant to the human eye.

We asked shooters to compare our lenses with those of other brands. In most cases, people could not see a clear difference or differentiate between them.

Some people found our lens to have better clarity than lenses costing up to 5 times more.  

Colour Optimisation

Enhanced Colour Definition

Optimise your shooting experience and improve ambient awareness with a range of lens colours designed to enhance and filter specific frequencies from the visible spectrum.

Our lenses help you register specific colours faster, giving you a competitive edge. The results vary from a boost in target colours to background neutralisation.

You can't hit what you can't see

See More, HIT MORE

Your eyes are your most important asset in shooting well. Seeing targets well in different light conditions against different backgrounds will improve your performance.

Choosing the right lens colour for the lighting condition and the type of target presentation you are faced with can really help make a difference in your ability to see a target better, more precise and faster. 

We offer over 20 lens colours designed for light management and contrast enhancement which is one of the largest collections of shooting-specific lens colours on the market today. 

Pink Diamond lens filtration effect on shooting range, skeet layout using x sight sport clay shooting glasses
Archery glasses - Do you need clear lenses for archery to help with the wind or shield your eyes from dust and rain. This picture shows a close up view of a compound archer at full draw wearing a clear lens from X Sight Sport 2rX archery shooting glasses model. The clarity of the lens is enough to rival Pilla, Re Ranger and Zeiss

Wrap around lenses

Unobstructed Peripheral Vision

Choosing glasses that offer minimal visual distractions when you are shooting can help you focus on the bigger picture without any distractions.

X Sight lenses use a highly curved rimless mask lens that wraps around your face and provides maximum cover from all angles. This provides an expansive field of vision and protection.

Complies with EN166F

Impact Resistant

Your eyes are incredibly precious, and the most effective way to protect them when you are out shooting is to wear specially designed shooting glasses.

Shooting glasses have become compulsory at most shooting grounds across the country, and they are mandatory to be worn at any CPSA-registered competition.

Our lenses comply with the EN166 standards required for protective eyewear, meaning they meet the CPSA recommendation for shooting glasses.

The 2mm thick shatterproof polycarbonate lenses supersede the thickness of standard sunglasses, making them significantly impact-resistant.

X Sight Sport shooter mounting shotgun wearing electric purple lens shooting glasses
recurve archer focusing on target using ultra blue x sight sport shooting archery glasses

unobstructed SIGHT PICTURE

No Nose Pad = No Obstruction

One of the core benefits to archers, in particular, who sight over their nose, is the ability to use the 2RX lenses without a nose pad.

After removing the nose pad, the lens is smooth around the nose area, a feature unique to the 2RX model. 

This allows the lens to sit closely around your nose, eliminating common visual obstructions during aim that almost all other glasses have.

Focus on your sight picture with a completely unobstructed field of vision.

For those who don’t need this feature, you can use the 2RX lenses with one of two discreet style nose pads to add extra comfort and stability.

100% UV 400


It’s easy to overlook the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

We recognise the importance of eye protection, and therefore every one of our lenses effectively blocks between 99.5-100% of all UVA/UVB ultraviolet radiation, including our clear lens.

Ian Parkinson champion veteran skeet clay shooter wears X SIght Sport clay shooting glasses
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