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Class 1 Optical Clarity

X Sight lenses are manufactured using  Class 1 optical clarity polycarbonate which utilises precision mould injection technology to colour the lens instead of traditional tinting methods ensuring crisper, clearer optics, enhanced colour contrast and minimal distortion.

X Sight Sport Shooting Archery lenses laid out side by side for a product photoshoot to show the high quality and vivid colours of our lenses. Lens colours shown here are ice Blue, Deep purple, Xtrm orange, Auburn, XTRM Yellow and vivid green
X Sight Sport Shooting Archery Glasses product shot showing 3 versions of the lens colours, Vivid green, XTRM Orange & Auburn

Colour Optimisation

Enhanced Colour Definition

Optimise your shooting experience and improve ambient awareness with a range of lens colours designed to enhance and filter specific frequencies from the visible spectrum. Our lenses help you register certain colours faster which can give you the competitive edge. The results vary from a boost in target colours to background neutralisation.

You can't hit what you can't see

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All our dark lenses filter light & glare to reveal vivid details lost in harsh light. For example, the extremely dark HD Brown lens blocks so much light it enables you to see detail in the horizon that you would not see with the naked eye.

Lens filter simulation - What does the clay target and the horizon look like when wearing a lens from the X Sight Sport 2RX Clay Shooting Glasses model - Lens Colour - After Electric purple lens
Optical class one premium quality distortion free yellow lens for shooting showing Emma Parkinson mounting a gun for sporting clays


Peripheral Vision

The rimless mask lens offers a deeper curve profile than our original model; meaning our lenses now wrap around your face even more and provide maximum cover from all angles with no obstructions. This provides an expansive field of vision and protection from wind and other elements.

Complies with EN166F

Impact Resistant

Our lenses comply to the EN166F standards required for protective eye-wear meaning they meet the CPSA recommendation for shooting glasses. The 2mm thick shatterproof lenses supersede the thickness of our previous model making them even more impact resistant.

X Sight Sport Shooting Archery Glasses with XTRM orange lens showing the adjustable positions of the arms
recurve archer focusing on target using ultra blue x sight sport shooting archery glasses

No Nose Pad = No Obstruction


One of the core benefits to archers and shooters is the unobtrusive lens design which is designed primarily to be used without a nose pad to allow the lens to sit closely around your nose. This eliminates the common visual obstructions that other glasses have, such as frames, nose pads and gaps between lenses allowing for a completely unobstructed field of vision.

100% 400


We recognise the importance of eye protection and therefore every one of our lenses effectively blocks between 99.5-100% of all UVA/UVB ultraviolet radiation and this includes our clear lens.

vivid green target contrast archery glasses being held on route to collect arrows
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