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Lens Benefits

Lens Material and quality

Optical precision is crucial in archery and clay shooting. Athletes require lenses that offer clarity and accuracy, making good quality shooting glasses a necessity. Lower-priced sunglasses often come with low-quality plastic lenses, which don’t provide optimal optical quality. As a result, there is a significant difference in cost between high-end and low-end shooting glasses. However, it raises the question of whether you must pay a substantial sum for good-quality optics.

Our ethos is to deliver excellent quality lenses at an affordable price

What our customers think ...

According to customer reviews and athlete surveys, our lenses are on par with other high-quality brands. While some manufacturers may claim superior optical quality through scientific evidence, the perceived difference to the human eye is often negligible. We conducted a comparison study with athletes and found that most individuals couldn’t distinguish any clear variance between our lenses and those of other high quality brands. In fact, some users even believed that our lenses had better clarity than options that cost up to five times more.

See More Vividly

Class 1 Optical Clarity

X Sight Sport lenses are crafted from high-quality polycarbonate material with Class 1 optical clarity. Using precision mould injection technology, the lenses are injected with color rather than utilising old-fashioned tinting methods. This distinct method results in sharper, more precise optical acuity, increased color contrast, and minimal distortion.

Colour Optimisation

Enhanced Colour Definition

Enhance your experience and awareness with our lens collection designed to optimise and filter specific frequencies of the visible spectrum. Our lenses enable faster registration of certain colours, providing a competitive advantage. Depending on the lens colour chosen, the results can range from increased emphasis of target colours to a neutralisation of background hues. Improve your visual acuity and response times with our specialised lenses.

You can't hit what you can't see

See More, hit more

Clear, accurate vision is vital for successful shooting. Your eyes are your most valuable tool, allowing you to see targets in varying light conditions and against different backdrops. In order to enhance your performance, it’s important to choose the right lens colour to match the lighting conditions and the type of target you’re aiming at. With our selection of over 20 lens colors, designed specifically for light management and contrast enhancement, you’ll have access to one of the most extensive collections of shooting-specific lens colors available. Whether you’re a professional shooter or just starting out, you can improve your accuracy, precision, and speed with the right choice of lens color.

Pink Diamond lens filtration effect on shooting range, skeet layout using x sight sport clay shooting glasses
closeup of x sight sport shooting glasses with xtrm yellow lens being worn by shooter mounting shotgun looking down the barrel

Wrap around lenses

Unobstructed Peripheral Vision

Choosing glasses that offer minimal visual distractions when you are shooting can help you focus on the bigger picture without any distractions.

X Sight Sport lenses use a highly curved lens that wraps around your face and provides maximum cover from all angles. This provides an expansive field of vision and protection.

Complies with EN166F

Impact Resistant

Your eyes are incredibly precious, and the most effective way to protect them when you are out shooting is to wear specially designed shooting glasses.

Shooting glasses have become compulsory at most clay shooting grounds across the country, and they are mandatory to be worn at any CPSA-registered competition.

Our lenses comply with the EN166 standards required for protective eyewear, meaning they meet the CPSA recommendation for shooting glasses.

The 2mm thick shatterproof polycarbonate lenses supersede the thickness of standard sunglasses, making them significantly impact-resistant.

X Sight Sport shooter mounting shotgun wearing electric purple lens shooting glasses
recurve archer focusing on target using ultra blue x sight sport shooting archery glasses

Unobstructed Sight picture

No Nose Pad = No Obstruction

One of the core benefits to archers, in particular, who sight over their nose, is the ability to use the 2RX lenses without a nose pad.

After removing the nose pad, the lens is smooth around the nose area, a feature unique to the 2RX model. 

This allows the lens to sit closely around your nose, eliminating common visual obstructions during aim that almost all other glasses have.

Focus on your sight picture with a completely unobstructed field of vision.

For those who don’t need this feature, you can use the 2RX lenses with one of two discreet style nose pads to add extra comfort and stability.

100% UV


Many of us don’t give much thought to safeguarding our eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. However, it’s crucial to do so. We understand the significance of shielding your eyes and each of our lenses offers outstanding protection by blocking 99.5-100% of UVA/UVB ultraviolet radiation, which includes our clear lens.
Clay pigeon shooting glasses by X Sight Sport being worn on a simulates clay shooting hunting day