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Introducing the innovative 2RX model of shooting glasses by X Sight Sport, showcased in a stunning and stylized product marketing photo. Set against a mesmerizing purple-pink gradient background, the glasses exude both elegance and functionality. The image captures the essence of these exceptional shooting glasses, highlighting their remarkable features. With over 20+ lens colors to choose from, shooters can optimize their vision for any lighting condition. The optical class one polycarbonate lenses ensure crystal-clear optics, enhancing the shooter's visual experience. The magnetic temple change function allows for easy and fast lens swapping, enabling seamless adaptation to changing shooting environments. The adjustable frame pivot provides a customized fit, ensuring comfort and stability during shooting sessions. The Comfort+ nose pads further enhance the wearing experience, offering long-lasting comfort even during extended use. Additionally, the glasses feature a ventilation bar fixed through the lens, ensuring proper airflow to prevent fogging. For shooters requiring prescription eyewear, the 2RX model offers the option of a prescription insert. The insert, cleverly held in place by the ventilation bar, allows shooters to enjoy precise vision correction without compromising on style or performance. This captivating image encapsulates the cutting-edge design and functionality of the 2RX shooting glasses, making them a must-have accessory for shooters seeking superior performance and style on the field.


Magnetic Lens System: Over 20 interchangeable lenses.


Fixed Lens System: Available in 5 colours.

A captivating image captures the poised stance of a clay target shooter as he prepares to mount his Miroku shotgun. His focused gaze is fixed on the target, showcasing his concentration and determination. Sporting an X Sight cap and X Sight Sport shooting glasses, he features a reflective red rose-colored lens that creates a stunning visual effect, reflecting the picturesque hills and blue sky. The lens not only provides eye protection but also helps manage the lighting conditions and enhance target contrast. This dynamic image encapsulates the shooter's passion for the sport and the harmonious blend of nature and precision on the shooting range.
How does a scene look through the lens of the Deep Purple lens from X Sight Sport when wearing the Fulcrum shooting glasses? This scene shows how the scene looks when looking through the Deep Purple lens.
How does a scene look through the lens of the Deep Purple lens from X Sight Sport when wearing the Fulcrum shooting glasses? This scene shows how the scene looks when looking through the clear lens.

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Exceptional lenses for superior results

Experience the ultimate optical clarity with our mould-injected, optical class 1 polycarbonate lenses. Our lenses feature precise colour distribution, producing a distortion-free field of vision. Seeing is believing when it comes to the impeccable clarity of our lenses.

Find Your Lens

Experience the world through our lenses with our lens simulation! Check out our shooting lenses page and find the perfect lens for your vision needs.


Multi-lens kits

Adapt to any shooting environment with our versatile multi-lens kits. They’re perfect for those seeking to experiment with different lens colours.
For a personalised selection, choose your own 2 to 5 lenses in our custom kits.


Your Sport

Elevate Your Game

A female shooter wearing X Sight Sport 2RX shooting glasses with XTRM yellow lenses, confidently mounting a shotgun and making eye contact with the camera, exuding determination and focus.


Elevate your shot: Harness light and contrast for enhanced target perception.

In a black and white stylized photo, a male compound archer is depicted at full draw, his focus fixed on the target as he prepares to release his arrow using a release aid. With a cap adorning his head, the archer is wearing X Sight Sport 2RX shooting glasses featuring a blue lens. This lens color is specifically chosen to enhance the contrast of the center of the archery target, aiding in precise aiming. The monochrome aesthetic of the photo adds a timeless and dramatic element, capturing the archer's determination and skill in this captivating moment.


Aim for gold: Enhance your archery accuracy with the perfect lens hue.

A mockup of a male face wearing the X Sight Sport Fulcrum shooting glasses with prescription RX Insert. The Fulcrum glasses feature a sleek design with adjustable metal core temples and metal core nose pads for a secure and personalized fit. The glasses are showcased with a XTRM Yellow lens, which enhances contrast and improves target visibility. Experience optimal performance and style with the Fulcrum Shooting Glasses.

RX Insert

Prescription Options

Our RX inserts offer a convenient solution for your prescription shooting needs. Designed to fit behind the lens, they provide easy transferability between different lenses, allowing you to enjoy various colours and benefits without incurring multiple prescription costs. Benefit from personalised comfort, enhanced visual clarity, and the flexibility to adapt to different shooting conditions.

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