Product Care

To ensure your glasses stay in excellent condition, please follow this advice before using the glasses.

How to use:


The pivot adjustment operates in 3 positions: Neutral, Low & High.

To avoid damaging the mechanism:


Adjusting from the rubber tip end of the frame will put stress on the mechanism which could result in damage.


How to:

change lenses

Changing lenses is quick and easy with the magnetic clamp mechanism. Here’s a quick guide on what to do:

  • To open and remove the clamp when the frame is connected to the lens, place your thumb and index finger on either side of the clamp at the hinge point and bend the frame in towards the lens. The outer shell of the clamp will rotate away to allow for removal.
  • To attach the frame, insert the inner shell first into the channel on the back of the lens mounting connector and push all the way. Close the outer shell to lock the magnets together. 
  • Tip – The optimal method for changing lenses with minimal contact to the lens is to hold the lens with your thumb in the nose pad groove and two fingers on top of the lens.
  • Always ensure the magnetic clamp is open (magnets not touching) when removing and attaching the frame to the lens mounting connector. 
  • Do not push the clamp onto the lens connector while the magnetic mechanism is closed.


Avoid exposure to high temperature. 

  • Exposing your glasses to extreme temperatures, such as storing in a hot car or boot (trunk) can cause irreversible damage to the magnetic mechanism & the lenses.

Lens Care

  • The lenses feature a hard coating, but they are not immune from scratching if they aren’t cared for. Unlike other glasses with lenses mounted inside a frame, a frameless lens has less protection if dropped. 
  • Always keep your glasses & lenses in their case when they’re not being worn. On your face or in the case!

Lens Cleaning

  • Make sure your hands are clean and free from grease before cleaning your lenses. 
  • Use a lens cleaning solution or wipe to remove grease/fingerprints off your lens. You can also use the cleaning cloth provided.   
  • Avoid using paper towels, dishtowels or your clothing to wipe your lenses as they can often leave particles of dust or dirt on your lenses, or cause micro-scratches.
  • Avoid using any soaps or cleaners that contain ammonia, alcohol or other strong chemicals.
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