Level up your shooting game with the 2RX shooting glasses from X Sight Sport. Experience the ultimate versatility and performance with its quick swap magnetic mechanism, allowing you to effortlessly change lenses. With 20+ available lens colours, customise your shooting glasses to enhance your vision and dominate the field. Change your lens, change your game with the 2RX.

Introducing the '2RX Model' category, offering a versatile model of shooting glasses designed to accommodate prescription RX inserts. The image showcases the sleek and stylish 2RX glasses, featuring a customizable frame pivot for a personalized fit. With over 20+ lens colors available, including optical class one polycarbonate lenses for crystal clear optics, these glasses offer exceptional visual clarity. The magnetic temple change function allows for easy and fast lens swapping, while the comfort+ nose pads ensure maximum comfort during extended shooting sessions. Experience the convenience and functionality of the 2RX model, perfect for clay shooting and archery.
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