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X Sight Sport nano technology anti-fog cloth and its packaging, displayed alongside a pair of glasses. The X Sight logo is featured at the top, with graphics indicating its 24-hour lasting effect and up to 500 times reusability.
Nano Technology Anti Fog Cloth £4.99

Experience clear vision with our Nano Technology Anti-Fog Cloth. This reusable, coated microfiber cloth keeps your lenses fog-free for up to 48 hours. Simply breathe onto your lens to dampen the surface, then wipe evenly with the cloth for an instant fog-free finish. The cloth uses nanotechnology to alter the refractive direction of light through tiny water particles, eliminating fog. It’s effective on all types of eyewear and can be reused hundreds of times.

Key Features:
  • Hydrophilic coating technology for superior fog prevention.
  • Reusable up to 500 times for long-term use.
  • Provides up to 48 hours of fog-free vision.
  • Ultra-fine, soft microfiber cloth that’s gentle on lenses.
  • Instant effectiveness for quick results.
  • Suitable for all types of eyewear: glasses, sports glasses, ski, swim & scuba goggles, helmets, and visors.
  • Comes in a small clear pouch for protection.
  • Ideal for glasses wearers who need to wear a face mask.

Our cloth offers a straightforward solution to foggy lenses, ensuring clear vision when you need it most.

Experience clear vision in any condition with our Nano Technology Anti-Fog Cloth.

How it Works:

Fog forms on lenses when light scatters through tiny moisture particles. Our anti-fog cloth uses advanced hydrophilic coating technology to condense these particles into a transparent water film. This process eliminates light scattering, ensuring a crystal-clear view.

Instructions for Use:
  1. Start with a clean, dry lens.
  2. Just before application, breathe onto both sides of the lens to create fog. This step is crucial for activating the anti-fog effect.
  3. While the fog is still present, rub the entire lens surface on both sides with the cloth.
  4. Test the effect by breathing onto the lens again. If any areas still fog up, repeat the process until the entire lens is fog-free.
  5. Store the cloth in its bag when not in use.

Please note: Each 2RX multi-lens kit comes standard with one anti-fog cloth.

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