Shooting Glasses – What 5-lens set should you choose?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, ‘What set should I go for?’

There is no right or wrong answer to this. It comes down to personal preference, but there are some differences between them.

All the standard five lens sets have been combined with a balanced lens selection offering one colour from each colour category and a generous range of light transmission values. These will offer you an option for almost every situation you encounter across the shooting calendar. If you are unsure what lens colours are right for you or want to experiment with as many lens colours as possible, the standard sets are a good option.

If you want to choose your lens selection, then you can. We offer custom sets from 2-5 lenses.


The SP-3 clay shooting glasses set equips the competitive shooter with a varied lens selection to handle a wide variety of light conditions & scenarios encountered across the shooting calendar. This set’s best two lenses for contrast enhancement are Electric Purple & Vermilion. If you like shades of red/pink, this is an excellent set to choose. Electric Purple is much warmer and pink compared to the cooler blue shade of Deep Purple. Amber is a 50/50 mix of XTRM Yellow & Orange. Light Brown is there for sunny/overcast conditions. Light yellow will give you a choice for winter & low light.

  • In a nutshell – Good all-rounder
  • Lens Colours – Electric Purple, Light Brown, Amber, Vermilion, Light Yellow
  • LTV Cover – 12% – 82% (Average 39.2%)

Good for:

  • All-year-round clay shooting.
  • A wide variety of backgrounds & light conditions.
  • Various clay shooting disciplines.
  • Balanced lens colour selection.
  • Orange clay target boost.
  • Background suppression.
  • Red/green colour deficiency (vermilion).


The SP-4 clay shooting glasses set equips the competitive shooter with a lens selection to handle a wide variety of light conditions & scenarios encountered across the shooting calendar. You will have two lenses for brighter conditions, Auburn & Deep Purple – excellent contrast boosters and three high light transmission lenses for winter & low light shooting.

  • In a nutshell – Good all-arounder with a few lighter lens options.
  • Lens Colours – Auburn, Deep Purple, Light Pink, Light orange, Light Yellow
  • LTV Cover – 16% – 82% (Average 40.4%)

Good for:

  • More choice of high transmission lighter lenses for low light conditions.
  • Shooting in climates with more frequent poor weather.
  • Shooting undercover.
  • Variable background colours & changing light conditions.
  • Having a choice between high or low contrast boosting effects.
  • Trap, Skeet & Sporting.


The SP-5 clay shooting glasses set equips the competitive shooter with a bold and vibrant lens selection to handle a wide variety of light conditions & scenarios encountered across the shooting calendar. This is an excellent choice if you like impactful lenses that pack a punch on the contrast level.  Light purple & XTRM yellow are there for lower light conditions. Dark Crimson will have you covered for the bright sun.

  • In a nutshell – The best choice for intense, vibrant contrast enhancement.
  • Lens colours – Dark Crimson, XTRM Yellow, XTRM Orange, Neon Pink, Light Purple
  • LTV Cover – 11% – 72% (Average 35.8%)

Good for:

  • Powerful, substantial contrast enhancement.
  • Bold, vibrant colour filters.
  • A wide variety of light conditions & backgrounds.
  • Orange clay contrast boost.
  • Green backdrop suppression.
  • All clay shooting disciplines.


The SP-FIELD shooting glasses set equips the all-around sportsman with a lens selection to handle a wide variety of light conditions while enhancing your overall performance for clay shooting, hunting & game. This set serves the simple purpose of light management with minimal contrast enhancement. HD Brown will be essential when the sun is a challenge. Light Brown will help you manage light when HD Brown is too dark. Light, Yellow & Clear will protect your eyes with minimal contrast enhancement in low-light conditions. Light Purple is there for occasional clay shooting.

  • In a nutshell – The best for game shooters & occasional clay shooters.
  • Lens colours – HD Brown, Light Brown, Light Purple, Light Yellow, Clear
  • LTV Cover – 5% – 100% (Average 50%)

Good for:

  • Light management & eye protection with minimal contrast enhancement.
  • Shooters who engage in hunting, game & simulated shooting.
  • Occasional clay shooters.
  • Shooting driven targets/birds into the direct sun (HD Brown).
  • Early morning, poor weather, low light.


The HT-2 clay shooting glasses set features five of our high-light transmission lens colours for shooting throughout the Autumn & Winter months or in cloudy/dull & overcast conditions. Light yellow & light orange for improving clarity in low light. Light purple & light pink for contrast enhancement & background suppression, particularly for orange clays and light brown for managing brighter conditions. Using higher VLT (visible light transmission) lenses produces lower contrast-boosting effects than darker lenses but allows more light through to the retina, enhancing your visual acuity. An excellent choice for sporting, trap & skeet shooters who seek lighter, more natural lens colours.

  • In a nutshell – The best choice for lighter lens options
  • Lens colours – Light Brown, Light Purple, Light Pink, Light Orange, Light Yellow
  • LTV Cover – 38% – 82% (Average 46%)

Good for:

  • Low – medium light conditions, cloudy climates & undercover shooting.
  • Lighter, high transmission lens colours for improved visual acuity.
  • Minimally invasive contrast enhancement.
  • Balanced all-around lens colour choice.
  • Sporting, Trap & Skeet.

Custom 5

If the standard sets are not quite right for you, the custom sets allow you to build your own set by choosing your lens colours from the range to customise your shooting experience for your individual needs.

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