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Behold the impressive X Sight Sport 5-lens multi lens kit showcased in all its glory. The open case reveals the meticulously crafted shooting glasses, each lens color carefully arranged and ready for action. Resting atop a sleek shotgun against a backdrop of elegant slate, the scene is adorned with scattered shotgun shells and vibrant orange clay targets. This captivating image captures the essence of versatility, innovation, and preparation that X Sight Sport brings to every shooter's journey. Whether for different lighting conditions or specific shooting disciplines, this multi lens kit ensures optimum performance and enhanced target visibility, empowering shooters to excel in their pursuits.

2RX Shooting Glasses – What 5-lens set should you choose?

In this guide, we’ll explore the factors to consider when choosing your 2RX 5-lens set. Each set is carefully crafted to provide a balanced selection of lenses, ensuring top-notch performance across various shooting conditions. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive solution that covers a range of lighting scenarios and targets, allowing you to focus on hitting your mark with precision.

Join us as we dive into the unique characteristics of each lens colour, their intended use, and the advantages they bring to your shooting experience. Whether you’re looking for enhanced contrast, improved target visibility, or better light management, our 2RX lens sets have you covered.


The SP-3 clay shooting glasses set is specifically designed to equip competitive shooters with a versatile lens selection that can handle a wide variety of light conditions and scenarios encountered throughout the shooting calendar. This set excels in contrast enhancement, with its best two lenses for contrast enhancement being Electric Purple and Vermilion. Electric Purple offers a warm and pinkish hue, providing a distinct contrast to the cooler blue shade of Deep Purple found in other sets. Vermilion, on the other hand, enhances contrast while also assisting individuals with red/green colour deficiency.

Here’s a breakdown of the lens colours included in the SP-3 set and their specific purposes:

  • Electric Purple: Offers a warm and pinkish hue, enhancing contrast and providing excellent visual clarity.
  • Light Brown: Designed for sunny and overcast conditions, this lens tint helps manage the intensity of sunlight while maintaining optimal clarity.
  • Amber: A 50/50 mix of XTRM Yellow and Orange, ideal for a wide range of lighting conditions encountered in clay shooting.
  • Vermilion: Enhances contrast, suppresses background interference, and particularly benefits individuals with red/green colour deficiency.
  • Light Yellow: Provides optimal visibility during low-light situations and winter shooting.

Good For

  • All-year-round clay shooting.
  • A wide variety of backgrounds and light conditions.
  • Various clay shooting disciplines.
  • Balanced lens colour selection.
  • Orange clay target boost.
  • Background suppression.
  • Red/green colour deficiency (vermilion).

In a nutshell– the SP-3 clay shooting glasses set is a well-rounded option, suitable for all-year-round clay shooting.
LTV Cover – 12% – 82% (Average 39.2%)


The SP-4 clay shooting glasses set equips the competitive shooter with a varied lens selection to handle a wide variety of light conditions and scenarios encountered across the shooting calendar. This set offers two lenses for brighter conditions, Auburn and Deep Purple, which are excellent contrast boosters. Additionally, it provides three high-light transmission lenses for winter and low-light shooting.

Here’s a breakdown of the lens colours included in the SP-4 set and their specific purposes:

  • Auburn: Enhances contrast and provides optimal visibility in brighter conditions. This lens tint is particularly useful for shooting in sunny and well-lit environments, where it helps reduce glare and sharpens target focus.
  • Deep Purple: Offers a cooler blue shade and enhances contrast for brighter shooting scenarios. This lens is designed to provide exceptional clarity and definition, making it ideal for targets against bright backgrounds such as clear skies or open fields.
  • Light Pink: Provides a lighter tint suitable for overcast and low light conditions, maintaining clarity and enhancing visibility. This lens colour is effective in improving target acquisition and depth perception in dimmer lighting situations.
  • Light Orange: Enhances visibility in darker settings and low light conditions. This lens tint brightens the visual field and aids in target detection, making it an excellent choice for shooting during twilight or in shadowed areas.
  • Light Yellow: Versatile option for winter and low light shooting, ensuring optimal visibility. This lens color enhances contrast and improves visual acuity in challenging lighting conditions, such as foggy or hazy environments.

Good for:

  • More choice of high transmission lighter lenses for low light conditions.
  • Shooting in climates with more frequent poor weather.
  • Shooting undercover.
  • Variable background colours & changing light conditions.
  • Having a choice between high or low contrast boosting effects.
  • Suitable for Trap, Skeet & Sporting disciplines.

In a nutshell – Good all-arounder with a few lighter lens options. LTV Cover – 16% – 82% (Average 40.4%)


The SP-5 clay shooting glasses set is designed to provide competitive shooters with a bold and vibrant lens selection that excels in handling a wide variety of light conditions and scenarios encountered throughout the shooting calendar. This set is perfect for those who prefer lenses that make a strong impact on contrast levels. It offers a range of lenses specifically tailored for different light conditions.

Here’s a breakdown of the lens colours included in the SP-5 set and their specific purposes:

  • Dark Crimson: This lens provides excellent coverage for bright sunlight, offering optimal protection and enhanced visibility.
  • XTRM Yellow: Designed for lower light conditions, this lens enhances contrast and provides visual clarity.
  • XTRM Orange: Offers bold and vibrant colour filters, enhancing contrast and visibility in various light conditions.
  • Neon Pink: This lens adds a vibrant pop of colour and further boosts contrast, making targets stand out against different backgrounds.
  • Light Purple: Ideal for low light conditions, this lens provides enhanced visibility and contrast.

Good for:

  • Powerful, substantial contrast enhancement.
  • Bold, vibrant colour filters.
  • Handling a wide variety of light conditions and backgrounds.
  • Boosting contrast for orange clays.
  • Suppressing green backdrops.
  • Suitable for all clay shooting disciplines.

In a nutshell – The best choice for intense, vibrant contrast enhancement.

LTV Cover – 11% – 72% (Average 35.8%)


The SP-FIELD shooting glasses set is specifically designed to equip all-around sportsmen with a lens selection that can handle a wide variety of light conditions while enhancing overall performance for clay shooting, hunting, and game shooting. This set prioritizes light management with minimal contrast enhancement, catering to the needs of sportsmen engaged in various shooting disciplines.

Here’s a breakdown of the lens colours included in the SP-FIELD set and their specific purposes:

  • HD Brown: This lens is essential for challenging sunny conditions, providing optimal protection and managing the intensity of sunlight.
  • Light Brown: Designed to help manage light when HD Brown is too dark, this lens offers enhanced visibility and light management in various lighting conditions.
  • Light Purple: Ideal for occasional clay shooting, this lens provides visual clarity and contrast enhancement in a range of light conditions.
  • Light Yellow: Offering minimal contrast enhancement, this lens provides eye protection in low-light conditions, such as early mornings and poor weather.
  • Clear: This lens is primarily focused on eye protection, offering minimal contrast enhancement and maximum clarity in low-light situations.

Good for:

  • Light management and eye protection with minimal contrast enhancement.
  • Sportsmen engaged in hunting, game shooting, and simulated shooting.
  • Occasional clay shooters.
  • Shooting driven targets or birds into direct sunlight (HD Brown).
  • Early morning sessions, poor weather, and low-light conditions.

In a nutshell – The best choice for game shooters and occasional clay shooters.

LTV Cover – 5% – 100% (Average 50%)


The HT-2 clay shooting glasses set features five of our high-light transmission lens colours specifically designed for shooting throughout the Autumn and Winter months or in cloudy, dull, and overcast conditions. This set caters to individuals who prefer lighter lens options with minimal contrast enhancement, allowing for a more natural viewing experience. The HT-2 set offers excellent visibility and performance in low-light scenarios, making it an ideal choice for sporting, trap, and skeet shooters seeking lighter, more natural lens colours.

Here’s a breakdown of the lens colours included in the HT-2 set and their specific purposes:

  • Light Brown: Designed for managing brighter conditions, this lens provides optimal visibility and light management while maintaining natural colour perception.
  • Light Purple: Enhances contrast and background suppression, particularly beneficial for orange clays and target acquisition.
  • Light Pink: Offers contrast enhancement and background suppression, improving visibility in various lighting conditions.
  • Light Orange: Improves clarity and visibility in low light situations, enhancing overall visual acuity.
  • Light Yellow: Provides enhanced clarity and contrast in low light conditions, improving target acquisition.

Good for:

  • Low to medium light conditions, cloudy climates, and undercover shooting.
  • Lighter, high transmission lens colours for improved visual acuity.
  • Minimally invasive contrast enhancement.
  • Balanced all-around lens colour choice.
  • Sporting, Trap, and Skeet disciplines.

In a nutshell – The best choice for lighter lens options.

LTV Cover – 38% – 82% (Average 46%)

Custom 5

If the standard sets are not quite right for you, the custom sets allow you to build your own set by choosing your lens colours from the range to customise your shooting experience for your individual needs.

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