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Improve visual performance

See more, hit more

Take your shooting skills to the next level with X Sight Sport shooting glasses. Coloured lenses can help filter and enhance your target colours, backgrounds, and light conditions. By selecting the best lens for your environment, you can improve your overall awareness of the target, optimise light for better visibility, and increase your visual acuity for more hits. With the right lens, you can see targets more clearly and quickly, improving your accuracy and visual perception in any shooting discipline, from sporting clays and trap, to skeet, hunting, game shooting or recreational shooting. 

Find Your Lens

Experience the world through our lenses with our lens simulation! Check out our shooting lenses page and find the perfect lens for your vision needs.

The image shows how the following scene would look when viewed through the Dark Crimson lens from X Sight Sport shooting glasses. Image displays a clay shooter from behind, at a clay shooting ground shooting the discipline of English Sporting where he is shooting at an orange clay target in the distance being thrown from across a backdrop of greenery and trees.
Image displays a clay shooter from behind, at a clay shooting ground shooting the discipline of English Sporting where he is shooting at an orange clay target in the distance being thrown from across a backdrop of greenery and trees.
A captivating image captures the poised stance of a clay target shooter as he prepares to mount his Miroku shotgun. His focused gaze is fixed on the target, showcasing his concentration and determination. Sporting an X Sight cap and X Sight Sport shooting glasses, he features a reflective red rose-colored lens that creates a stunning visual effect, reflecting the picturesque hills and blue sky. The lens not only provides eye protection but also helps manage the lighting conditions and enhance target contrast. This dynamic image encapsulates the shooter's passion for the sport and the harmonious blend of nature and precision on the shooting range.

Immerse yourself

Clear View, no distractions

Shooting enthusiasts often face visual challenges due to traditional glasses with obstructing frames, gaps, bulky nose pads and inadequate lens height. We have solved these issues by using a single, wrap-around lens with a high spherical base curve for an unobstructed view. This innovative design immerses you without distractions, allowing you to focus entirely on the shot.


EN166 Conpliant

Our glasses & lenses meet the European Safety Standard EN166 for shooting and protective eyewear, having passed rigorous impact resistance tests. They are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant hard coating and durable, flexible TR90 frames.


Shield yourself from the elements

Our lenses offer full wrap-around protection to shield your eyes from wind, rain, and dust, reducing distractions. The design also helps keep your eyes comfortable and hydrated during prolonged shooting sessions.

100% UV

Built into every lens

Many of us don’t give much thought to safeguarding our eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. However, it’s crucial to do so. Each of our lenses offers outstanding protection by blocking 99.5-100% of UVA/UVB light.

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Magnetic Lens System: Over 20 interchangeable lenses.

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Fixed Lens System: Available in 5 popular standout colours.

X Sight Sport 2RX shooting glasses with a purple lens color rest on top of an orange clay target, showcasing the lens's impact on contrast and color enhancement. The purple lens effectively darkens the green background, enhancing the visibility of the clay target. This image highlights how the lens color choice can optimize target visibility and improve shooting performance. The glasses' case serves as a reminder of the convenient and protective storage solution provided by X Sight Sport. Experience the difference in clarity and contrast with X Sight Sport shooting glasses.

Premium quality at an Affordable Price Point

Exceptional lenses for superior results

Experience the ultimate optical clarity with our mould-injected, optical class 1 polycarbonate lenses. Our lenses feature precise colour distribution, producing a distortion-free field of vision. Seeing is believing when it comes to the impeccable clarity of our lenses.

Lenses For bright light

Selecting the appropriate lens for those bright sunny days is crucial for enhancing your vision and target visibility in bright conditions. This is the most critical aspect to consider when picking a lens. Opting for the correct lens can give you a competitive edge when shooting in bright light. With relaxed vision, conquer challenging targets intersecting the sun’s path.

Lenses For Low light

With our high-transmission lenses, you can shoot better in low-light settings. These lenses are lighter and improve perceived brightness, target colours, and contrast. Don’t let low-light conditions hinder your shooting abilities. Enjoy enhanced shooting with our high-transmission lenses.

Lenses for low light

Lenses For Medium light

For an optimised clay shooting experience in moderate weather conditions, these lenses are the solution. Ideal for use in overcast conditions or cloudy skies, they can help improve visibility, background suppression and target contrast, all whilst managing and reducing eye strain.

Lenses for medium light

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