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How shooting glasses improve your game

Elevate your shooting game with our performance enhancing shooting glasses and lenses. Enhance target visibility, optimise light conditions and improve your visual acuity for sharper focus and increased accuracy. Experience improved awareness and precision whatever your discipline from sporting clays and trap, to skeet, hunting and game shooting.

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Magnetic Temple System: Over 20 interchangeable lenses.

Hero product photo of X Sight Sport 2RX shooting glasses, showcasing a slightly angled above view. An infographic diagram overlays the image, highlighting the following features: Swift magnetic lens change mechanism for quick swaps. Adjustable frame tilt for personalized fit. Built-in ventilation bar & RX insert carrier for enhanced comfort. Two styles of optional nose pads for customizing comfort. Full wrap-around lens provides an unobstructed field of vision. Class 1 optical clarity polycarbonate lenses ensure clear vision. Designed for clay shooting, trap shooting, skeet shooting, hunting, and archery. These glasses offer unparalleled versatility and performance, making them a top choice for shooting and archery enthusiasts alike.


Fixed Lens System: Available in our most popular standout lens colours.

A captivating product photo showcasing the Fulcrum shooting glasses in XTRM yellow lens color. The glasses are positioned at a side-on below angle against a sleek black background, emphasizing their sleek design. The photo highlights the adjustable metal core temple arms and metal core nose pads, allowing for a customized and comfortable fit. The Fulcrum glasses also come with an included RX insert, catering to shooters with prescription needs. The XTRM yellow lenses enhance target visibility and contrast, making the Fulcrum glasses a reliable choice for shooting enthusiasts.

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Premium optics at an Affordable Price

Experience the ultimate optical clarity with our mould-injected, optical class 1 polycarbonate lenses. Our lenses feature precise colour distribution, producing a distortion-free field of vision. Seeing is believing when it comes to the impeccable clarity of our lenses.

Exceptional lenses: superior results

Lenses For bright light

For optimal vision in bright conditions, choosing the right lens is crucial for enhancing target visibility and gaining a competitive edge.

Lenses For Low light

Shoot better in low light with our high-transmission lenses, featuring lighter tints and colours for enhancing brightness and target contrast.

Lenses For Medium light

Ideal for use in overcast conditions or cloudy skies, they can help improve visibility, background suppression and target contrast, all whilst managing and reducing eye strain.