X Sight Sport 2RX • AR2 (5 Lens Set)

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The 5 lens archery glasses set provides a range of lens colours designed to optimise light and enhance target contrast.

Usage: Outdoor, WA Target

Lens Colours (scroll down for further information on each colour):

  • HD Brown
    (Conditions: Very bright light) (Primary use: Light optimisation) (Contrast Level – High boost)
  • Deep Purple
    (Conditions: Medium – bright light) (Primary use: Background neutraliser & contrast boost) (Contrast Level – Medium boost)
  • Ultra Blue
    (Conditions: Medium – bright light) (Primary use: Target contrast boost) (Contrast Level – High boost)
  • Vivid Green
    (Conditions: Medium – bright Light) (Primary use: Target contrast boost) (Contrast Level – High boost)
  • XTRM Yellow
    (Conditions: Low light) (Primary use: Light optimisation) (Contrast Level – High boost)

Currently XTRM Yellow lens is out of stock. If you want to purchase this set and swap it for another colour colour let us know.

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  • Large wrap around lenses designed to offer maximum peripheral cover with no obstruction.
  • Class 1 optical clarity lenses providing crystal clear optics.
  • TR90 frame – Light, flexible & durable.
  • Quick change magnetic lens swap mechanism.
  • 3 point pivot arms – adjustable up & down for increased stability and custom fit.
  • Built in ventilation brow bar to increase air flow & prevent lens smudging.
  • Slimline Comfort+ nose pads for additional comfort and stability.
  • 100% UV protection across the lens range.
  • Impact resistant (Complies with EN166F European standards for safety eye-wear).
  • Zip up hard case to protect lenses with inner mesh zip pocket for accessories.
  • Additional RX prescription insert can be fixed and transferred between lenses (sold separately).

5 Lens Zip Up Hard Case, 1 Pair of Arms, 5 X Slimline Nose Pads, Drawstring Lens Bag, Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, Anti Fog Cloth, Stickers

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 15 cm
Lens Colours

HD Brown, Deep Purple, Ultra Blue, Vivid Green, XTRM yellow


5 Lens Zip Up Hard Case, 1 Pair of Arms, 5 X Slimline Nose Pads, Drawstring Lens Bag, Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, Anti Fog Cloth, Stickers

16 reviews for X Sight Sport 2RX • AR2 (5 Lens Set)

  1. Rob Twigg

    I had been looking for a decent pair of shooting glasses for a while. I looked at various products but they were either way too pricey or didnÕt fit properly. I decided to try a pair of these glasses earlier this year and they are brilliant. The range of lenses give you so many options from shooting in low light (Yellow) to bright sunshine (HD Brown). Great quality, good fit and reasonably priced. Very happy and would recommend to anyone.

  2. Charlie Alvarez (verified owner)

    Simply amazing! The range of colours means that you will always be able to find a lens that helps the centre of the target stand out. On top of this, they help protect you against the ever-changing British weather! No more squinting to aim on really sunny days and no more gale force winds drying your eyes out.

    The new ventilation system at the top of the lens helps prevent them fogging at full draw and the adjustable arms means that they fit perfectly.

    Simply put… the best archery glasses out there!

  3. Darren B. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Great set with a useable set of lenses. Excellent clarity and no distortion through the field of view. The new arm locking mechanism is very simple to use and secures the lenses much better than the v1 system. Overall, well done X-sight. These are a huge improvement on an already strong product. I highly recommend this set for archery.

  4. Harvey Price (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    I have spent years trying to find Archery glasses that work for me, read plenty of good reviews for x-sight & decided to take the plunge, all I can say is you will not regret your purchase, as soon as I got them you can see the thought that has gone into them, the quality is also excellent, that is before you have put them on, great clarity, clear, no odd vision deviations, I wore them shooting in bright sunlight for 3 hours & forgot I had them on!!, they are that light & comfortable, I would highly recommend these glasses, awesome job x-sight sport love them.

    Image #1 from Harvey Price
  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Thanks for the great product and service. Love the glasses and enjoy being on the range with no glare. My eyes are nice and relaxed while shooting, I now can’t shoot without them! Really like the enhanced sight picture I get with the blue lens. Definitely recommend these glasses. Happy customer, thanks again.

  6. Alicia E. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Amazing – comfortable and the lenses are exactly what I need to cover all our Queensland (Aus) shooting conditions. Lens release design is brilliant. I highly recommend them to everyone who asks about them.

  7. Christopher Davis (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    The answer to “would I recommend these?”
    Absolutely yes!
    For the reasons why I keep reading.
    They are simply awesome value. To be able to buy a recommended set for a given price, or customise a set of lenses you feel the more suits your particular needs, is something that many companies over look, or charge the earth for.
    The lens clarity is exceptional, I have tried other brands (far too expensive brands) of shooting glasses and these are easily on par with those. The colours when used with the recommended weather/lighting situation are incredible and really makes the target stand out.
    To be able to take off the nose bridge and have a level of customisable fit is also a great added feature.
    The arms of the glasses with the three levels of adjustability allow for the best fit in all conditions.
    And the ventilation to reduce fogging is a brilliant feature for not only clarity but comfort as well.
    I shoot with contact lenses in and since wearing 2RX glasses my contacts don’t dry out like they used to, when I was shooting with other types of sunglasses or without glasses at all.
    Wouldn’t shoot without my 2RX’s now and will definitely be wanting to get the full range of colours.
    Instagram @christopher.davis.archery

    Image #1 from Christopher Davis
  8. Sarah (store manager)

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on this set and prescription insert in their pre-launch and what can I say…The first impressions are great!

    Lets start with the arms. Was there anything more tense than getting off the arms for the first time on the old x specs ? The new arms are done with a sliding clamp so no more panic! I thought it would catch the first couple times but it is as smooth as anything making it super quick and easy to change.

    I have to talk about the prescription insert next…for me the most exciting part I have always compromised when using the the old specs as I couldn’t wear my glasses underneath leaving the target out of focus compared to what it should have been. The insert is a clear frosted colour so its not obtrusive in anyway. Having worked in an opticians previously, I know that to get the best out of RX lenses, ideally, you need to be looking through the best part of the lens and with the adjustable nose pads, you’ll always be seeing the best image you possibly can, regardless of which lenses you pop it into. And, like the arms, its easy to fit and remove.

    There are some other cool features like the adjustable arms, removable nose pads on all lenses and venting at the top of the lens which are all really nicely thought out bits when it comes to comfort and performance. They feel super comfortable and feel lighter on my nose which is great. All of the accessories given are a nice touch too…especially the anti fog spray. No more tea induced steaming!!

    The range of lenses they have is super exciting. I have the Vivid Green lens amongst this kit which I am super excited to try! I’m an ultra blue fanatic so I am excited to see what the green can bring to the table.

    It’ll be great to see how they work in action and putting them through their paces.

  9. Karen Bryan (store manager)

    The X Sight lenses have really helped me with reducing eye strain. IÕve learnt that the more relaxed my eyes are, the more relaxed I am, and therefore the better I shoot. IÕve tried shooting in glasses and sunglasses, but the frames get in my way and cause me problems with aiming and focusing. With my X Sight lenses there are no frames to get in the way, and I can easily focus properly on the target without having to worry if IÕm aiming properly or not.

  10. Andy Pye (store manager)

    Awesome set, a lens for every condition. The new magnetic snap lens change system is so easy and yet very secure

  11. Ryan (store manager)

    Very good well built glasses very good for shooting in love the quality of them will definitely be using them a lot more

  12. Elena Bendíková (store manager)

    I really like them. I like how they fits my face. The color of lenses are pretty good, I use all of them. HD Brown is great for bright sun.

  13. Craig Thompson (store manager)

    the quality and finish of these are fantastic and at the high standards i would expect, the variety of colours and fixed nose piece is brilliant as this is something i was frustrated with with the old glasses, the security of the arms been held on with magnets as well as a clip is brilliant, the time and effort taken to develop these glasses clearly shows, i cant wait to get back shooting and competing and these will be the first thing in my case!!

  14. Tony leger (store manager)

    Having access to different colors and light transmissions has allowed me to tailor my shooting glasses to what is needed for the situation be it bright sun or overcast to light variances on an indoor range (bright at the line, dim at the wall or vice versa), I have more control. The glasses themselves are light weight and wrap completely allowing for uniform color no matter which part of the lens IÕm looking out of with no gaps, especially around the nose.

  15. Fiachra Mac Dermott (store manager)

    These glasses are exactly what I had been looking for, theyÕre the perfect mix of quality and price. The lenses are as good as if not better than lenses which usually cost three times more, and theyÕre so comfortable. Most of the time I forget IÕm even wearing them. Every lens reduces glare and maintains a crystal clear picture. I had been looking for archery glasses for years and tried pairs that were no way near this level of quality and affordability. I use them at every shoot.

  16. Karl Cutajar (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Brilliant, just brilliant. practrical, good quality

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