Nano Technology Anti Fog Cloth


The nano technology anti-fog cloth is a re-usable, coated microfiber dry cloth that keeps your lenses fog free. Simply dampen your lens by breathing onto the surface and wipe evenly with the cloth for a fog free finish. The effects are achieved using nano technology to alter the refractive direction of light through tiny water particles on the lens that are normally perceived as fog. The effects will last for up-to 48 hours, and the cloth can be reused hundreds of times

  •  Hydrophilic coating technology
  •  Reusable up to 500 times
  •  Long lasting effect up to 48 hours
  •  Ultra-fine soft microfibre cloth
  •  Instant effectiveness
  •  Effective on all types of eyewear: glasses, sports glasses, ski, swim & scuba goggles, helmets, and visors
  •  Our cloth is soft and non-abrasive and comes in a small clear pouch for protection
  •  Perfect for glasses wearers who need to wear a face mask

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How the technology works


The reason we see fog on a lens is as a result of light scattering through tiny moisture particles as opposed to a clear fog free lens where light travels through it in a straight line. The anti fog cloth material features a hydrophilic coating which acts by condensing tiny water droplets into a transparent water film, removing the scattering of light and resulting in a crystal clear transparent effect.

Instructions for use


  • Clean and dry your lens/glasses before application.
  • Just prior application, breathe onto the front & back of the lens to create fog on the lens. This step is crucial to achieving anti-fog effect.
  • Before the fog disappears, rub the entire lens surface front & back with the cloth to activate anti fog protection.
  • Test the effect by breathing again onto the lens. If there are any sections that still fog up, continue the process until anti fog effect covers the entire lens.
  • Store cloth in bag when not in use.

*Please note – One anti fog cloth comes as standard with each set.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 2 cm
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